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REGION – The new year has come, and therefore we reflect massively on what can be improved. We would like to give you some tips for a sustainable life, tips for a sustainable 2023! And how can you conduct business sustainably?

What does sustainable mean?

Let’s start from the beginning. What do we mean by sustainability and sustainability? In short, it is about us realizing that raw materials are not available indefinitely. In other words: by paying more attention to the environment, we can supply ourselves with food and other materials for a longer period of time. An example: we all still eat a lot of meat. And that while almost 16,000 liters of water are needed for one kilogram of beef. Eating less meat, so in the end we ourselves enjoy it.

Living more sustainably also has some other benefits. For example, you save money by taking shorter showers and reusing items that you then score at the thrift store. The fuller your wallet stays! Pretty nice in these expensive times, right?

Tips for a sustainable lifestyle

Good, but how can you actually live more sustainably? Or more sustainable business? Below are a few original tips (in addition to, for example, shorter showers, turning off the heat, choosing LED lighting and giving your belongings a new life by recycling or giving them away.

1. Remove the plugs from the socket

Yes, because even if you don’t click on, for example, your bedside lamp, you still use electricity by leaving the plug in the socket! Do you hardly use certain devices? So make sure they are not connected to power. In this way you can save energy.

2. Collect rainwater in a rain barrel

You can use this saved water in good weather to, for example, water the plants in your garden!

3. Give an experience as a gift

What should you buy for your partner, mother or best friend? Give him or her not a physical gift, but an experiential gift (for example, a fun workshop or take him or her to the movie).

4. Keep your heat free

Also smart: Make sure there are no objects against your heating. These keep the heat out. Waste of energy!

5. Keep the curtains drawn

It may not sound cozy, but it allows you to save a lot of energy, as the cold from outside can enter through the windows.

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You also contribute by taking old clothes and things with you on the bike – or by shopping here yourself
for a more sustainable world (image: Pexels)

6. Do not drink tea from bags and avoid chewing gum

Plastic is used both in tea bags and chewing gum! Instead, choose loose tea herbs that you lower into your glass of hot water with a fine tea strainer.

7. Go for loose bananas

They are often left lying around and then sometimes thrown away, isn’t that a shame? Just as tasty as a bunch!

8. Buy a water-saving shower head

Yes, they exist! And can save a lot of energy and thus generate money.

9. Roll on deodorant instead of spraying

This is also better for the environment. Small adjustment, big result!

Examples of sustainable business

For many entrepreneurs, there is still a world to gain. How can you conduct business sustainably? A few suggestions:

1. Flexible working

Give your employees freedom when it comes to where and when they work. Do they work from home more often? This not only saves energy in the office or other workplace, but together we also ensure fewer traffic jams. It is of course also better for the environment. And do the employees have to work on site? Then ask if, for example, they leave home a little earlier or later – again to smooth out or even reduce traffic jams.

2. Make use of a grant for sustainability

Ready for a new build? Depending on what is wrong with the current building, you as an organization can also choose to make the current building more sustainable. For example, by insulating the windows better and thereby saving energy – and limiting the damage to the environment. There are also various sustainability grants for entrepreneurs!

3. Choose local partners

Does your company collaborate with others? So always try to go for local partners so that travel time is limited for both parties.

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