Amsterdam School Museum of Jewish Heritage in Lithuania

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LITHUANIA/KAUNAS – January 4, 2023 – AMSTERDAM – On January 5, the only building in Lithuania built in the Amsterdam School style will open its doors to the public as a museum. Originally built in 1928, the apartment showcases the best of what Art Deco architecture in Kaunas – Lithuania’s second largest city – has to offer.

Art and culture are also deeply rooted in the daily life of the Lithuanian people, who are happy to tell visitors about it during guided tours. Completely new and quite progressive for a country where every year there is plenty of room for a very active ballad based on folklore, here is the explanation for the mannered sculptures that adorn the building based on queer theory. This country is also full of surprises in terms of opportunities for sporting events and restaurants and cozy cafes, but is also very proud of the way it treats tourists. For culture lovers, the city of Kaunas is interesting because it presents itself as Lithuania’s capital of modernism.

The museum reopened in this New Year 2023 is an authentic interbellum apartment, built in 1928 in the style of the Amsterdam school, officially as a museum in Kaunas. The museum’s rich heritage—from its Jewish heritage to an appearance on HBO’s hit series Chernobyl—is highlighted during interactive tours. Kaunas is thus home to a new museum – an authentic apartment from 1928, built in the style of the Amsterdam School. A sanctuary for lovers of the Art Deco and Art Nouveau movements, the facades of this building are characterized by a unique softness and angle of curvature, as well as segmented windows and sculptures.

“Our museum displays furniture from the interwar period in Art Deco and Amsterdam School style, which can also be tried out during guided tours. On these tours, we also analyze the strong colors and highlight the painful stories of the former Jewish residents who lived here. during the Holocaust . lived,” the owners said. In Lithuania

Visitors to the museum will also have the opportunity to learn more about the environmentally friendly methods used to restore this interior, to compare the current state of the restored apartment with photos from the post-communal era, or to hand it in against photos taken, while Chernobyl, the critically acclaimed HBO series, was filmed there.

Some of the most notable Art Deco and interwar buildings in Kaunas include the Kaunas State Musical Theatre, the Kaunas Central Post Office and the MK Čiurlionis National Art Museum. These and many other buildings stand out for their unique and graceful design with geometric shapes, curved lines and striking shapes.

Art Deco and interwar architecture in Lithuania is thus a unique and fascinating aspect of the country’s cultural history. Due to the abundance of buildings in the Art Deco style and the interwar period, Kaunas has been recognized by UNESCO as a city of architectural heritage. This designation serves as a testament to the cultural significance of these buildings and as a reminder of the important role architecture plays in shaping a city’s identity and character.

What warms our hearts is that the tragedy of the history of the former Jewish inhabitants is not forgotten here. Of course, everyone knows that no country is perfect, but we have had to read it again that in the UN General Assembly in the Human Rights Commission, which includes Qatar, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sudan (!) and Israel was judged as cruel and inhumane, which the EU calmly let go .

What is the real reason for that? Inequality and lack of freedom for people in different countries. Everyone also understands the suffering of certain peoples around Israel who are groaning under the leadership of bitter people who are trying in vain to fight economic inequality with harsh measures and struggle. By increasing the tension between proud people, more and more are caught between delusion and reality. There is something very sad about people whose pride has been damaged.

But there are always opportunities to build bridges and to approach each other cautiously, but without prejudice. In any case, we are all citizens of the world. Sometimes something needs to change. It takes time and a reset. Perhaps it will happen in a new time and a new world, where we understand that not violence and contempt, but mutual respect and the courage to negotiate, is the solution.

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