The 25 best films and series of 2022, according to de Volkskrant readers

‘Triangle of Sadness’

The best movies according to readers

1 Triangle of Triangles

2 The worst person in the world

3 Close

4 Everything everywhere at once

5 Good luck to you, Leo Grande

6 Licorice pizza

7 Drive my car

8 Elvis

9 Top Gun: Maverick

10 No

11 Belfast

12 Completely quiet on the west front

13 Moonage Daydream

14 The menu

15 Cabin No 6

16Avatar: The Way of the Water

17 The eight mountains

18 Decision to leave

19 Boiling point

20 Oink

21 Batman

22 she said

23 Madres Paralelas

24 Las bestias

25 King Richard

Will European cinema save the world? Well if it’s up to the readers de Volkskrant who once again overwhelmingly voted for their favorite film of the year. This year’s filmmakers are a Swede at 1, a Norwegian at 2 and a Belgian at 3. 1, 2 and 3 on the reader’s list were respectively number 4, 1 and 5 on the editor’s list of the year.

Triangle of Triangles by Ruben Östlund, the Golden Palm winner of Cannes, has only been running in Dutch cinemas for a few weeks and has already made a deep impression. Yes, also because of that one infamous scene. Reader Judith Fontaine wrote: ‘Eighteen minutes of non-stop laughter at an over-the-top vomiting scene. Then you’re just number 1.’ And not only that. A film that reveals the ‘absurdity of capitalism’, believes Gert Jan ten Brinke. Shocking, dizzying, uncomfortable and ultimately cleansing. And above all: pure film art’, according to Hein Janssen. And thus our convincing number 1 on the reader’s list.

The Norwegian film The worst person in the world by Joachim Trier, number 1 in the film editors, number 2 on the reader list, touched many people deeply. ‘So unexpectedly heartbreaking with so much joie de vivre’, wrote Kathelijn Gerla. Hein Cordes saw ‘the beautifully depicted ‘choice stress’ in life, which then completely dissolves in the perspective of the transience of life’.

But few people (be they readers or reviewers) kept their heads down on the poignancy Close by Belgian filmmaker Lukas Dhont. Leon Leijtens reports from the audience: ‘Unbearable suffering portrayed in an unmistakable way: the sniffles in the audience could be heard from all sides.’ Roel Sillen saw the film twice in a row: ‘The story was so gripping that sometimes I wanted to leave the cinema.’

The first old-fashioned global blockbuster took ninth place, which is quite surprising for a spectacle film about an American military mission. According to the readers Top Gun: Maverick by Joseph Kosinski an irresistible rollercoaster that also cleverly played with the nostalgia effect. “A seamless connection to where I left off in the 1980s,” says Marcel. Plus, “Tom Cruise can’t seem to age!” (Joost Bart). And he only brought in a cool one and a half billion dollars for the movie industry this year. The second blockbuster, the long-awaited one Avatar: The Way of Water by James Cameron, has only been running for a few weeks and has reached sixteenth place on our list.

The highest placed Dutch film was in twentieth place. The multi-award winning stop-motion animated film oink by Mascha Halberstad charmed many readers and their children and grandchildren. Sandie van Beuningen: ‘Finally no cliche children’s film. Originally made, cheerful, compelling and exciting.’ Ans Koomen has now ‘watched the film twice with the grandchildren with great pleasure’.

A number of Dutch documentaries were outside the top 25: The silence of the tide (40), Housewitz (49) and Wolf (53). The highest rated Dutch drama, The sea of ​​time by Theu Boermans, took 36th place. The compliments here went mainly to the actors. ‘They suck you into the drama of life,’ says Laura Oprel.

'Year of Fortune' statue Mark de Blok

‘Fortuyn’s Year’Picture Mark de Blok

The best series according to readers

1 Year of Fortuyn

2 Better call Saul 6

3 The white lotus

4 Eyeballs 4

5 Crown 5

6 Fuse 4

7 Peaky Blinders

8 Ozark 4

9 stranger things 4

10 The Dragon’s House

11 Disaster flight

12 The bear

13 Wed

14 The Terrible Eighties

15 dirty lines

16 Severance pay

17 Star Wars: Andaor

18 The golden hour

19 The Handmaid’s Tale 5

20 The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power

21 The Sinner 4

22 Invention Anna

23 Bridgerton 2

24 Euphoria 2

25 Karen Pirie

In the top 10 of our series panel, it was named the year’s most significant trend: the triumph of Dutch series. Readers and members of our series panel came to roughly the same conclusion, with no less than six Dutch series in the readers’ top 25. With an identical number 1 listing on both charts: Fortuyn’s yeareven before international bangers like Better call Saul and WhiteLotus.

‘Smart reconstruction, where the actors completely take over the skin of Fortuyn and Melkert. You feel sympathy and annoyance for both,’ wrote Klaartje Kluiters. The actors in question were of course Ramsey Nasr as Ad Melkert and Jeroen Spitzenberger as Pim Fortuyn. “Feels like a long episode of Other times, in the most positive sense of the word’, wrote Nathan van der Roest. Several readers concluded: ‘Show that Dutch drama can be top notch.’ (Yvelotte Hennings). This was also evident from the loud quotes of Eyeballs 4 o’clock, disaster flight 11 o’clock, The terrible eighties 14 pm, Dirty lines at 3 p.m. and The golden hour of 18, making a quarter of our series list Dutch-made. If it’s not a serial historical moment.

The performance of Fortuyn’s year gets all the more profile when you know the closing season Better call Saul (watchable on Netflix) was number two on the readers’ list. Best series ever, which ultimately turns out to be primarily about love, between Jimmy and Kim’, wrote Hans Croon. And how did it compare to the original series Breaking Bad? This morality spin-off surpasses its parent series Breaking Bad right at the last shot of the beautiful last scene,” wrote David Khasho.

We have just finished the last episode of the second season of WhiteLotus behind with storylines that surprisingly seemed to tie in with the story that started in Triangle of Triangles (see film list) is told. And why? ‘Terrible people in beautiful surroundings, it’s far from boring. I hope for a new season in Southeast Asia’, wrote Joey Huisman. Els Kuperus wrote about ‘crooked toes and vicarious shame. Characters you love to hate‘. And where! “The weekly ray of sunshine on your screen,” says Jolien.

The word that occurs most often in the enthusiastic recommendations from the fourth season onwards Eyeballsit on our list, but lovely The crown ahead, is ‘recognisable’. ‘This is played so wonderfully and relatably, heartwarming and confronting,’ wrote Pascalle Groenewoud. “Especially Malou and Ramsey play the stars of the sky.” And Merel (Malou Gorter) is everyone’s favorite character. Moreover, according to more than one reader, the series is a ‘generation connector’, one of the few series that are still watched together. ‘The only series that we watch with our teenagers’, writes Annelies Coppens. The power is obvious to all. On behalf of all fans, Nina writes: ‘Stays very close to what people really think and experience in everyday life. Helps you put things into perspective’.

Eline Overkleeft summed up this Dutch series year well in her remark about disaster flight (11): ‘Incredible and impressive lesson in history. And what good actors we have.’

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