The most read news in 2022

Which messages on the KIJK website were the most read in the past year? Read the top five here.

From Saab planes to killer whales eating blue whales, and from conspiracy theories about the Bijlmer disaster to crazy underwater creatures. These five very different KIJK novelties were in high demand this year.

5) Breakthrough for the Ramjet 155

The search for ever new and better weapon systems is continuous and worldwide. However, due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, mainly missile technology and new artillery systems are receiving more attention. Boeing and Norwegian defense company Nammo have successfully tested a new type of artillery shell, one that will significantly increase the range of these weapon systems. Read more.

4) Monstrous creature discovered

When researchers descended into the Pacific Ocean on the E/V Nautilus, they encountered an animal that wouldn’t look out of place in a sci-fi movie. This is a coral with an almost two meter long stem with tentacles of 40 centimeters. The animal shows many similarities with the species Solumbellula monocephalus, but scientists have never seen these anywhere other than the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. It is therefore possible that this is a new species. But to know for sure, more research is needed. See the strange animal in action here.


3) Killer whales kill blue whales

Orcas are known for their ruthless hunting techniques; seals pull them effortlessly from the beach into the water. But killer whales nor shy away from larger prey, such as great white sharks. And new research from the Cetacean Research Center (CETREC WA) shows that killer whales sometimes hunt even the largest animal on Earth. Scientists documented how a pod of killer whales killed three blue whales in cold blood. Watch the video here. Note: This is a bloody scene.

news about killer whales

2) The men in white suits

This year it was thirty years since a Boeing 747-258F crashed into the Groeneveen and Klein-Kruitberg apartments in Bijlmer. Amsterdam’s emergency services were immediately on the scene. In the chaos, aid workers saw people who did not belong there: men in white suits. Were they from Israeli intelligence? And why was the wreck handled so carelessly that it cockpit voice recorder never found? Was the device deliberately hidden because it contained secret conversations? Feed for conspiracy theories. KIJK analyzed them and separated the facts from the rumours.

news about the Bijlmer disaster

1) Notable aircraft from the Swedish Air Force

A remarkable ‘winner’. Not an entire article is the most read this year, but one teaser about the Swedish Air Force and Saab aircraft.

The Americans called it the Baltic Express: Espionage missions with the Lockheed SR-71 over the Baltic Sea. The mysterious black plane took off from a base in England used by the US Air Force and flew over Denmark at an altitude of more than 20 kilometers. It then turned its cameras on Russian submarine bases in East Germany, Poland and Lithuania and Latvia (both then part of the Soviet Union). When the job was done, it made a left turn near the Swedish capital of Stockholm and headed south. The SR-71, which had a top speed of 3,500 kilometers per hour, took only thirty minutes to cover this part of the route.

Hoping to intercept such an American reconnaissance aircraft, the Russian Air Force stationed its fastest fighters, the MiG-25, in East Germany. As far as is known, the Soviet pilots never saw a ‘Black’. But in January 1986, a pilot from another armed force succeeded. He ran up, approached the SR-71 from the front and reached one missile lock coming. In other words, he could have fired his missiles. The man in question was the Swede Per-Olof Eldh. And he flew a Saab 37 Viggen.

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Image: Image by on Freepik | Editing: Vincent Mullenders

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