10 x the best tips for this weekend in Amsterdam

Exhibition: Snapchat x Rijksmuseum

Snapchat and the Rijksmuseum are teaming up for a new unique museum experience: Together they have developed a Landmark Lens. Must be experienced at the exhibition Clara and the creatures. The exhibition consists of more than two hundred art objects where artists and scientists wonder about animals. You can use the lens through the Snapchat app on your phone. For example, fluttering butterflies, insects, and a rhino appear in the image that appears to be hammering through the screen.
Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Rijksmuseum, €20

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Music: Trio John Meijer with ‘classic gems from cabaret and pop music’

The trio, consisting of singer and guitarist John Meijer, double bass player Fred Snel and pianist Ruud Luttikhuizen, has accompanied many artists in the Netherlands and abroad. On Sunday, they will be in the foreground during an intimate concert in the Buiksloterkerk. The program, where there is room for improvisation, consists of songs by well-known artists such as Wim Sonneveld, The Beatles and Michael Bublé. Luttikhuizen plays the Buiksloterkerk’s organ during the concert.
Sunday at 15.30, Buiksloterkerk, €17.50

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Art Exhibition: Premiere Sora by Nonotak

After previous success with the audiovisual art exhibition Scalar Unfold.art, the team behind Audio Obscura, organizes the new show in collaboration with Cultuurdorp Westergas Sora of Nonotak. The artist duo Nonotak, founded in 2013, consists of visual artist Noemi Schipfer and artist/musician Takami Nakamoto. Using light and sound installations, they create an imaginary environment that draws the visitor into a dream-like world. During the live shows, the artists guide you through the different parts of the exhibition while operating the installation.
Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Gashouder Westergas, exhibition €19.50, live show €33.50

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Event: Farewell to trees in Bijlmer

234 trees are felled in Bijlmer for the construction of new homes. To let the neighborhood say goodbye, Nature for Children organizes various activities in honor of the trees on Friday together with Bijlmerbios, Elixer, G-Buurt Moving Forward, among others. You can have breakfast under the trees with live music and they show the documentary in the evening Tree in Amsterdam with a cup of soup from Elixir. During the day you can decorate trees and write wooden poems.
Saturday, Lola Outpost, free

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Exhibition: Large paintings, small format – Anton Martineau (1926-2017)

WG Kunst opens the new year with an exhibition by Anton Martineau. He is known for his large erotic works, but also worked on smaller formats. The exhibition opens on Friday with around thirty small works, mixed with watercolors, gouaches and drawings on paper. Martineau also painted landscapes and made pictorial poems, small drawings with written poems next to them.
Friday, Saturday and Sunday, WG Art, free

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Children’s activity: Smartie in the Winter Garden

On the initiative of Wijsneus, Solid and Muziekschool Amsterdam Noord there is Friday Smartie in the conservatory. The morning starts with a joint activity in the Solid studios, after which you can choose which activities you want to do. You can choose from anything, for example arts and crafts, theatre, dance or making music. When you are done, during the final presentation you can show what you have learned, done or made that morning.
Friday at 10.00-12.00, Tolhuistuin, free

Concert: Moonloops + Daisy Bellis

Young singer-songwriter Sarah Dekker’s ‘Moonloops identity’ means that she writes music where she talks about her dreams or ideas about other universes. As a ‘bedroom musician’, she writes quiet pop songs in her bedroom. She accompanies herself on the guitar. Daisy Bellis joins Dekkers dreamily. She combines the sound of her piano with vocals, heavy drums and synthesizers. Bellis sings about society and his personal stories, but also about nature.
Sunday at 19.30, Cinetol, €10

null Picture Emil de Jong

Picture Emil de Jong

Family show: The Little Prince

In their new performance, the men from the theater group Houtjeketen tell the well-known poetic story of the writer and pilot Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. A life-size puppet theater where they create a world, with cardboard, live music, light and shadow. When his plane crashes, the pilot suddenly looks straight into the eyes of the little prince. He asks him if he wants to draw a sheep. After this crazy meeting, the two go on a journey together through the wonderful world around them, where they encounter all kinds of things.
Saturday, several OBA branches6+, free

DJ set Cosmic Bodies: Mimi – Soil Sciences

The artist Maria Muehombo, better known as Mimi, plays in Frascati on Friday. Mimi combines different musical styles in her DJ sets and connects her Afro-European roots with nature. She describes her work as an ongoing conversation with nature and has recently begun writing about topics such as anthropocentrism, the idea that humans are the center of existence. The performances play before the set Dark matter and Movements of the soulfor which you can buy a combi ticket.
Friday at 22.15, Frascati, free, combi ticket €25

Animation: Future Vision Festival

The Future Vision Festival presents a collection of animations from more than fifty countries. The film selection consists of contemporary animation by young creators who use traditional and modern forms of expression in their production. Also the Dutchman Paul Driessen (Yellow submarine) is in the program with his new short animations. The festival, with live events in Tokyo and Amsterdam, runs through Sunday. On Saturday, it takes place as a party with animation shows, exhibitions and live music.
Saturday and Sunday, Free Palace, free

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