Nice profit for the Food Bank and Kenya fund


Successful musical Sunday afternoon choir Markant

RUURLO – The Food Bank and the Kenya Foundation jointly receive the proceeds (700 euros) from the joint concert organized by the choir Markant in Ruurlo. The theme War, Peace and Solidarity clearly appealed.

The afternoon alternated between music, lyrics and invitations to donate to local organizations. After an introduction by the chairman, Markant showed how the choir, led by the new conductor Eric van Grootel, sounds better than ever. ‘Can I join you then’ by Claudia de Breij suited the theme more than perfectly. A reflection on the theme by one of the choir members was followed by a story about refuge for young Kenyan women who become pregnant unintentionally. Thanks to the Kenya Foundation, they are not only cared for during childbirth, but also prepared for an independent life as a working single mother with a child. Hakuna matata, it will be fine, yes, but then the Kenya Foundation must be sure of support from the Achterhoek.

Everyone knows that refugees from Syria also live here, that they find work here, try to feel at home and become happy again. One of them gave a musical insight into her hometown, lyrical music full of nostalgia for the city where she grew up, married, had children, but fled. Here in Ruurlo, she finds a new home with her family and is very happy about it.

The disarmingly beautiful music of Sing a Song was a nice end to the part before the break. Everyone could catch up with a nice cup of coffee or tea and, of course, Christmas wreaths.

At the entrance there was a preview, after the break the ensemble of Sophia’s Lust filled the church with Christmas carols. These fifteen women and men received a standing ovation from the audience, a good initiative to have a selection of musicians perform.

Again with both feet on the ground. ‘What are we eating today?’ is a question that is asked in many families. In most families the answer is obvious, in some families there is no answer. The food bank ensures that a healthy meal can also be served in these families, thanks to the efforts of many volunteers and donations in the form of money and goods from companies and individuals. Contributions are still welcome, perhaps there is still some room to share from the year-end bonus or energy grant from the government.

It was pure enjoyment of the beautiful polyphonic songs from the choir @Seven. To warm the voices, they sang appropriately, Dona nobis pacem, give us peace. Then two pop songs and two songs in the Christmas spirit.

Ukrainian is a language similar to Russian, but it sounds completely unfamiliar to us. A young woman who has lived here for nine months now started by reciting a Dutch poem. Then she told a breathtaking story about her escape, homesickness, wishes and dreams. The Dutch translation of the Ukrainian text was always shown in between, so the power of her story was very palpable. Who can disagree with her dream wish: “I dream that the wars will end all over the world, that all people on the planet will be healthy and happy, that the happy laughter of children can be heard in all corners of the world.”

Then switching back to a series of cheerful Christmas numbers like Kor Markant is not easy, maybe that’s why it sounded even more intense. After the chairman’s words of thanks, all choirs and the guests present could enjoy themselves in the song ‘This Little Light of Mine’.

With a cup of hot wine or chocolate milk, everyone could talk outside for a while about this special, emotional, varied, especially musical afternoon organized by the choir Markant in Ruurlose Willibrordus Church. If you would like to know more about the Markant Choir’s projects, please visit The next performance is on Saturday 14 January in Kunstkring Ruurlo in Ruurlose Kulturhus.

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