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Out (in) The regionWould you like an evening of music or theatre, or would you rather go for a brisk walk in nature? In the online section ‘From (in) the region’ you will find various tips. And new ones are added almost daily.

Participate in a project by Koor Eigen Wijs

Under the direction of Aimee Fray, Koor Eigen Wijs from Elst works on the project ‘Around the world’ with music from different countries and cultures. The project ends at the beginning of June with individual performances. Anyone who likes to sing and has some experience as an amateur singer can join.

The cost is 75 euros. Rehearsals take place weekly on Wednesdays at 20:00 at De Esdoorn primary school in Elst.

Donate art to help Ukraine

Bookstore Het Colofon in Arnhem and the cooperative Het Colofon UA ​​join forces this month to dedicate themselves to the people of war-torn Ukraine. To help them, art is collected and sold.

Individuals can donate works of art that from Thursday 12 January is for sale in the bookstore. The profit from the sale goes to the Red Cross. Around twenty works of art have already been donated, the organization says. More information about the action and the contribution of art at

‘House of Gucci’ at the Theater de KiK

Thursday 12 January the mafia film ‘House of Gucci’ will be shown at 8 pm in Teater De KiK in Elst. This true story shows how Patrizia Reggiani wants to get rid of her ex-husband Maurizio, grandson of fashion designer Gucci. Maurizio Gucci is the heir to the Gucci empire and falls head over heels for Patrizia Reggiani.

Tickets can be purchased for 11 euros via

Fortified city of Nijmegen in 1750

Bastei Cafe Thursday 12 January is about Nijmegen in 1750. In that year the Groningen military engineer Klaas Willem Kiers measured the fortified city of Nijmegen with the aim of making a model of Nijmegen. With music, city artists, catering and guided tour.

The Basteicafé is from 20:00 to 22:30 and the entrance fee is 5 euros. Registration and more information on De Bastei’s website.

Play ‘Offspring’ is about violence against women

From 12 to 27 January will be the stage performance on different days Offspring executed. Offspring was the opening performance at the Orange The World event. This is a UN campaign against violence against women.

The play outlines the story of a woman who, despite her resilience, eventually loses everything. The performance is connected with Winston Huisman’s and HJIM van Gasteren’s exhibition on the female view of the male view of women. Offspring starts at 20:00. The exhibition can then be visited.

The exhibition and performance can be seen on 12, 18, 19, 20, 25, 26 and 27 January in the Nieuwe Ruimte in Velp. Entrance 7.50 euros. Reservations can be made via 06-52654572.

Walk-in morning Rosycross

Rosycross in Arnhem Friday, January 13 a walk-in morning. The theme is ‘to experience the quiet centre’. Is it possible in this world to set course and keep the balance without being tossed around? The Rosicrucian invites interested parties to discuss the theme.

Walk-in morning starts at 10.00 in the center building Lectorium Rosicrucianum of the Rosicrucians at Velperweg 58 in Arnhem. Admission is free for all.

Tawny Owl walk at Castle Doorwerth

Horror movie fans will no doubt recognize the sound. ‘Eahoe’, the characteristic call of the European barn owl, can be heard in many films to announce an ominous situation. If you want to hear barn owls in the wild, you can Friday, January 13 visit Kasteel Doorwerth for the excursion with the spotted owl in the Geldersch Landschap & Kasteelen.

The guided tour starts at 19.00 and lasts two hours. It is recommended to wear good shoes and bring a light. Register at Cost: 8 euros.

Tan owl. © Larissa Bakker

Disaster year 1672 exhibition

Next Saturday there is an exhibition about ‘Passage du Rhin’ at Pannerden. Here the French entered what was then Holland in the disastrous year 1672. The story is told in words, pictures, original prints and objects. There is also a documentary with background information.

From Saturday 14 January can be visited until mid-April in Fort Pannerden in Doornenburg. More information at

Comedian Alex Ploeg in Theater Junushoff

Alex Ploeg was chosen by de Volkskrant as the comedy talent of 2018, and by NRC as ‘one of the most promising comedians of the decade’. His debut Ultimatum was nominated for the Neerlands Hoop Prize. His second appearance took place in 2021 ego premiere.

The performance is Saturday 14 January at 20.15 in the Grote Zaal in Theater Junushoff in Wageningen. More information can be found at

Spiritual Mass in Goffert Stadium

In the Goffert Stadium in Nijmegen Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 January a spiritual mass. Advice is given on love, work, (alternative) health, studies, character analysis, spiritual growth/coaching, massage and personal predictions.

There are also group readings and gemstones, jewelry, incense, tarot cards and more are sold. The address is Stadionplein 1 in Nijmegen. Open Saturday 12.00 to 17.30, Sunday 11.00 to 17.30.

Phion performs party music in Arnhem and Nijmegen

Phion, orchestra from Gelderland & Overijssel, gives a series of New Year’s concerts in January, for example in the concert hall Musis in Arnhem (Saturday 14 January) and De Vereeniging in Nijmegen (Sunday 15 January).

Party music from Central and Eastern Europe is central. Under the direction of conductor Henrik Schaefer, the orchestra performs Czech and Hungarian folk dances by Dvorák, Kodály and Liszt. The guest is Slobodan Trkulja with the band Balkanopolis.

More information can be found on Phion’s website.

Children help birds through the winter

Young people can join the forester from the Visitor Center Veluwezoom in Rheden and at the same time become bird watchers of OERRR. On January 15 from 2 to 4 p.m., they will learn which birds can be found in the garden or park in winter. They also make a bird feeder.

This is a family activity for children aged 4 to 12. Costs €4.20 for members and €6 for non-members. Register at

Concert in memory of Rachmaninov

A concert will be given in Doornenburg Castle in memory of the Russian composer and pianist Sergei Rachmaninov. The concert will be performed on the piano by Sofia Vasheruk. She is assisted by pianist Andrey Nesterenko and cellist Aleksandra Kaspera.

The concert is Sunday, January 15 16.30 in Castle Doornenburg. Tickets cost 17.50 euros on the website

Researchers on memory

Memory experts Freyja Ólafsdóttir and Boris Konrad from Radboud University say so Monday, January 16 for the Science Cafe in The Shamrock Pub in Nijmegen on research into memory. Konrad studies neuronal principles, Ólafsdóttir memory in rodents to improve memory in humans.

The band Punch plays at 19:30, the lecture starts at approximately 20:00. There is free entry.

New Year’s reception Rheden municipality

Rheden municipality will hold a New Year’s reception on Monday 16 January from 19.30 in restaurant De Peerdestal in Ellecom. The New Year’s reception is held each year in a different village with a different theme.

This year the village is Ellecom and the theme is ‘A little in love!’ The reception starts at 19:30 and Mayor Carol van Eert will give her New Year’s speech at 20:00. All residents of Rheden who live in number 23 have received a special invitation.

Mayor Carol van Eert van Rheden.
Mayor Carol van Eert van Rheden. © Gerard Burgers

Learn to work with a tablet in eight weeks

People who are not yet familiar with using a tablet, laptop or smartphone, but want to learn, can start from scratch Wednesday, January 18 again in Ons Raadhuis in Velp. An eight-week tablet course starts here that day.

The teaching takes place in small groups and is always on Wednesdays from 10.30 to 12.00. In the course, participants learn basic skills for internet use, such as e-mail and surfing. It is not necessary to buy your own tablet. More information and registration at

Getty Images
©Getty Images

Clothes exchange in Arnhemse Gemaal

In the coffee shop Het Arnhems Gemaal is Friday evening, January 20 a change of clothes. Old clothes that you no longer wear can be exchanged here. Both women’s and men’s clothing in all sizes are welcome. The clothes must be clean and of good quality. Children’s clothing is not permitted.

Arnhem’s Gemaal can be found at Gelderse Rooslaan 85 in Arnhem. The clothes exchange lasts from 19.30 to 22.00. Register via 06-15438206 or drop by.

Froberger in Koepelkerk

Enter the Koepelkerk in Arnhem Saturday 21 January Rosita Steenbeek and organist/harpsichordist Siebe Henstra op. They bring a program around Johann Jakob Froberger. Froberger was the most famous keyboard virtuoso of the 17th century and was greatly admired by Johann Sebastian Bach.

Steenbeek will tell exciting stories from Froberger’s life. The music that can be heard is by Froberger himself, François Couperin and Girolamo Frescobaldi. There is free entry. Starts at 1:30 p.m.

Concert MikX in MFC Doelum

MikX enters Sunday afternoon, January 22 at MFC Doelum in Renkum. The band MikX brings, among other things, a Nile Rodgers tribute. In addition, all-round dance, pop, soul, rock and funk songs are also played.

MikX consists of Ellen Kussy (vocals and guitar), Judith Vugts (vocals and keys), Rob Calamé (guitar, vocals), Sandy de Laet (bass) and Roel van Maaren (drums). Start at 4 p.m. There is free entry.

MFC Doelum in Renkum.
MFC Doelum in Renkum. © Rufus de Vries

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