Six fun excursions in Groningen and Drenthe. Gerard van Maasakkers, innovative classic from Rozemond & Bekkers and much more

The musical duo Rozemond and Bekkers, absurdist cabaret by Zoutmus, poets in the literary sky, Joost Dijkema and the Friday the 13th band, Gerard van Maasakkers and the exhibition Anaesthesia. There is plenty to do in Groningen and Drenthe in the coming days.

Duo Rozemond and Bekkers

Rozemond and Bekkers combine original compositions with works by Stravinsky, Ravel and Rachmaninov. The duo ensure a perfect balance between classic and innovation in this rich variety of compositions. The two concerts they perform in the Nordics will include works by Rachmaninov, Handel and Podgaits. The duo will play in Peize Church on Saturday and Sunday in the village church in Haren.

In 2017, violinist Jacobien Rozemond and accordion player Renée Bekkers met during a tour of the musical theater performance Vivaldi code red . The two clicked immediately and have since played with great success at various festivals and concert series. In 2020, Willem Jeths, composer laureate from 2014 to 2016, composed the work Manufacturing for the duo. The suite is based on his latest opera Riratto . Based on a text by the Dutch poet Co Woudsma, in 2020 Gerard Beljon composed a work for Rozemond and Bekkers with sound fragments recorded by the musicians at home. The premieres on A Portrait and Development took place on 30 September 2020 in Sint Aegtenkapel in Willem Jeth’s hometown Amersfoort.

Peize – Peize church, Sat 20.15, 20 euros

New suit and shoes, same haircut

Gerard van Maasakkers doesn’t need much to fill a rich evening with his music. He brings the performance with a disarming personality and new and less new songs Zald’mhebbe! Thursday to De Tamboer in Hoogeveen and Friday at Theater Geert Teis in Stadskanaal.

As in his successful achievements 40 years of songs and I go he is now accompanied by Frank Cools (strings, trumpet) and Bart de Win (keyboards, vocals). Van Maasakkers is wearing a new suit and new shoes for the occasion, but of course the same haircut.

Hoogeveen – De Tamboer, Thu 20.15, 22.50 euros

The literary heaven full of poems

Annette Timmer and Joep van Ruiten interview Mustafa Stitou and Ynskje Penning during De Literaire Hemel i Amen. The poet Stitou is there Where is the lamb? in various Best Books lists in 2022. His fifth poetry collection contains poems he wrote over a period of nine years.

Ynskje Penning wrote the trilogy To survive , the fate of seven Dutch marines during World War II. She based this historical docu-drama on her father’s stories. Finally, this month it is 120 years since Anton van Dunkirk was born. His youngest son Bernard Asselbergs manages the Van Duinkerken estate. He is talking about A. van Duinkerken (1903-1968). The Weimar Trio provides the music.

Amen – Café De Amer, Fri 20.15, 18.50 euros

Joost Dijkema Friday the thirteenth

Joost Dijkema is one of the few experimental plucked guitarists from the Netherlands. His debut album Holy revelations from 2016 takes the listener on an adventurous journey through melancholic loner folk and intense guitar compositions. Under the name Joost Dijkema & Friday The 13th Band, he performs with Joshua Ten Doornkaat (Bert Hadders, Way Up North), Renee Huizing (Moan, Uhgah? Wugah!) and Thijs Vrolijk (Way Up North) Friday the thirteenth in Vera.

The room is heated by Waswas. This is the alias of Alessandro Denti, who mainly deals with guitar work. In his teenage years he started making music and since then he has been involved in primitivism, folk, blues, improvisation and soundscapes.

Groningen – Vera, Fri 20.30, 7.50 euros

Absurdist cabaret by Zoutmus

Jungle printer is second performance by the absurdist cabaret company Zoutmus. The performance contains even more music and scenes and luckily less long monopoly games…

In short, the quintet continues where it left off. Where was it? No idea. Important questions are answered where possible. What about the mafia slug? Well. Is there still a monkey to be taken away? The men in Zoutmus don’t know. Their incomparable world turns out to be a hole in the wall. With it well received Jungle printer join the group for a show full of spectacle, live music, confusion and humor.

Winschoten – De Klinker, Thu 20.15-23.00, 19.50 euros

‘Anesthesia’ by Annegret Kellner: Plants under anesthesia | Advertising

Has a plant ever been drugged? How could an anesthesiologist monitor the well-being and perception of an ‘anesthetized’ plant? In the exhibition Anesthesia by Annegret Kellner, stunned plants star in the form of silicone casts of large tropical leaves. In all of Kellner’s works, time and seduction are a binding element. They are works that appeal to our emotions and strive to go against our fleeting outlook.

Anesthesia is the desire not to feel responsibility and sadness for human catastrophic behavior for a while. The ‘tactility’ and aesthetics of ‘sedated’ plants represent Kellner’s implicit hope for painless healing. Anesthesia can not only be seen at CAMPIS in Assen, but also in other places where trees in the area take on a new expression that invites to be examined and touched up close. The exhibition runs from 15 January to 12 March.

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