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Since we work hybridly, it is sometimes a challenge to get a good cooperation between the people in the office and the people at home. It’s certainly not impossible, but there will always be some noise between what happens at the conference table in the office versus the contribution people want to make at the kitchen table at home. Mødeuglen 3 must do this better with the help of, among other things, artificial intelligence.

The annual survey conducted by Owl Labs among Dutch home workers this year revealed that 64 percent of home workers in our country would look for a new job if mandatory office hours were reintroduced. “In a tight labor market, almost no company can afford it,” said Owl Labs CEO Frank Weishaupt. “Many companies are realizing that hybrid working is no longer a temporary solution and are looking for suitable technology to support this new way of working. As a team that was already working hybrid before the corona pandemic, we are proud of our third generation of the Meeting Owl , which connects teams in organizations of all sizes even more effectively.”

State of hybrid work

The research (called State of Hybrid Work) also shows that 1 in 3 Dutch people refuse a full-time job if there is no possibility to work hybrid. While there’s certainly something to be said for that, it’s also a challenge for managers to keep their teams engaged, especially when it comes to working together. Also, people who work from home have a hard time not being in the office because it feels like it’s happening there and there are career opportunities there that they might otherwise miss.

Of course, the survey also revealed what people find difficult about hybrid meetings, because after all, that’s why the survey was conducted. For example, 73 percent of people find lack of visual cues a problem, and 70 percent find it difficult to participate in a conversation. The feeling of not being really involved is also great among home workers: 68 percent suffer from it.

It is precisely for these challenges that Mødeuglen 3 comes into play. This Meeting Owl 3 is the first artificial intelligence-powered 360-degree video conferencing solution that especially improves meetings in larger rooms and increases the involvement of people at home.

Meeting owl 3

Meeting Owl 3 is developed by Owl Labs, which is known for its Owl Intelligence System (OIS). Its products are used by more than 100,000 organizations. However, Owl Labs products are much more than just software. Take the Meeting Owl 3: it’s a camera with a new external microphone. The software ensures that the camera can quickly recognize faces. The 360-degree camera automatically zooms in on the speaker.

It is not an unnecessary luxury. When you watch a meeting at home, you often have no idea who exactly is speaking, and because you only see the whole room, you can’t see what someone’s facial expression is. It also helps lip reading. Therefore, a camera that zooms in on the speaker is a great advantage for the viewer at home. If the meeting is recorded, it also looks much more professional if the camera zooms in on the person involved in that moment.

However, the viewer does not lose sight of the overview, because it is not just the one person that is seen. You continue to see a 360 degree view of the room with a maximum of three ‘picture in picture’ images. Whoever moves or speaks is placed in such a bet. The intention is that this will make your conversation seem a bit more natural, especially if you are speaking from a distance. Meeting Owl 3 can focus on someone 4 times faster than previous products: within 3 seconds of someone starting to speak, the camera is already focused on their face.

User recognition

In addition, face recognition has also been significantly improved: it can recognize faces up to 5 times more accurately and identify faces from a distance significantly better. In addition to seeing someone, it is also important to hear someone: you can sit no less than 8 meters from this gadget and still be heard loud and clear because it picks up sound extremely well thanks to its Expansion Mic. If the room is even bigger, you can link two Meeting Owl 3s together: the audio range is then 13.5 meters (and the video range is 8.5 meters).

Connecting the device to your laptop is easier now that Owl Labs has opted for USB-C. This is probably the most universal connection at the moment, so it’s easy to connect the camera to your laptop this way. The owl is easy to install: you can do it within 6 minutes. Handy if you want to upgrade the quality of the meeting right before a meeting starts.

Fisheye camera

Finally, some specifications for those who find them important. Inside is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 605 processor to power everything. The camera is a 1.2 kilogram fisheye camera designed to prevent image distortion. The output resolution is 1080 pixels and the field of view is 360 degrees with 8 omnidirectional smart microphones. In addition, the device contains 3 integrated speakers to also cover the sound 360 degrees. The output level of the speaker is 76 decibels. The app works on iOS and Android as well as iPad. You can also use it on Mac and Windows computers. And therefore install within minutes for a more comfortable hybrid collaboration.

Do you want to know more about Mødeuglen 3? Click here to go to the Owl Labs website.

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