City clerk / daily manager

city ​​clerk/adm. Manager

Committed manager and advisor who, together with the board and colleagues, prepares the organization further for the big challenges.

About Veldhoven
Veldhoven is a rapidly growing municipality in the heart of Brainport Eindhoven. Our region is growing into the most important economic region in our country, the leap of scale that we are experiencing together is noticeable everywhere. The strong growth is due to the fact that the most pioneering high-tech company is located in Veldhoven. This presents Veldhoven and the region with many complex challenges and a search for the appropriate way to work together.

After the 2022 election, Hart voor Veldhoven, GroenLinks/PvdA, CDA and D66 formed the coalition. They have described their ambitions in the coalition agreement ‘The Veldhoven challenges – Investing for a sustainable future’ Five councilors and the mayor make up the Municipal Board. The organization has almost 500 employees (including temps), who serve the more than 45,000 inhabitants of the municipality.

Veldhoven task
Veldhoven’s strong growth, the development in the region and ASML’s importance for Veldhoven and beyond affect society as a whole. The major tasks and issues facing the municipality require an organization (administrative and official) that is close to Veldhoven’s residents, businesses and (social) organisations. And is visible and active in the region.

Residents and organizations can count on good service from the municipality. It is not only about what is delivered, but also how the services are delivered. In Veldhoven municipality, the customer’s questions are central to this. It is not only about attitude and behaviour, technology and processes, but also about good internal collaboration. Residents and organizations are helped as best as possible based on the principle of ‘digital where possible’. An accessible and appropriate service is the motto. Veldhoven municipality asks the residents to think about new policies and projects and wants to connect with modern developments in (online) citizen participation. This requires an environmentally conscious and communicative organisation.

Municipalities face challenging economic times in the coming years. The tasks imposed locally by the public sector are not always adequately compensated financially. It is therefore important to ensure that this policy is funded. It is important to keep the municipal economy healthy and to have an organization that can handle the challenges of today and the future with sufficient capacity. The big challenges require a vital and determined municipal organisation.

Veldhoven has a flat organizational structure, where the municipal official/managing director together with five department heads and the concern controller form the management group. The departments consist of clusters. Within the cluster, the work is coordinated by a coordinator.

Task for the municipal secretary/day-to-day manager
Veldhoven has a good foundation and at the same time there are major challenges. Recent studies have shown that the organization must go through a development in order to better handle the issues of the future. Attention points are: the role and position of the coordinators, partly in relation to the role and size of the management group; promote strategic (thinking) power and management of the major challenges; develop strategic personnel planning and ensure a good balance between workload and job satisfaction. In addition, the organization takes on many new initiatives, but too little attention is paid to security, implementation and retention. In the recently launched Happiness Expedition, a large number of employees contribute to the implementation of major (and also minor) improvements within working methods, culture and atmosphere in the organization.

We arrive at the following task for the candidate:

  1. Ensures optimal support for the Municipal Board Promote the strategic process and thus the material focus for the municipality.
    Leads the further development of the organization. Promoting results-oriented management, security and implementation is particularly important, as is creating clarity about roles and positions. As a figurehead, you lead organizational development and examine whether the current organizational model is well equipped to cope with the challenges.
    Actively contributes to the municipality’s positioning in the region in consultation with members of the municipal board.

The city clerk’s general duties and roles

College direction

You are the first adviser to the mayor and councillors. Together with the chairman of the board, you invest in the team and team spirit. You ensure coordination with the executive board and you perform a binding function in a political, administrative and social field of influence. You support them in administrative portfolios and in making strategic considerations. You promote the connection between the administrative tasks and the official organization. There is a constructive working relationship between you, the mayor, the councilor and the clerk. Trust is indispensable here. You are able to ‘mirror’ drivers and are also open to feedback.

towards the organization
As head of the civil service organisation, you show a binding and guiding leadership towards the civil service organization and you ensure coherence and integrity. You are ultimately responsible for achieving the strategic and operational goals set by the board and improving group management. You make choices, stay the course and steer accordingly. You stand for and behind the organization and are a real figurehead and visible leader who is transparent and approachable and at the same time result-oriented and decisive. You are aware of your role as an example for others. You lead the management team. You invest in cohesion, cooperation and team building within management and in the entirety of the work. You ensure that the management team is visible and approachable, is in contact with the employees and jointly manages the major themes. You are visible to the city council and have an eye for issues that live there.

To the cooperation council
As WOR director, you consult constructively with the Cooperation Council and you invest in a good relationship with the Cooperation Council, where the Cooperation Council and the director are sparring partners. Transparency, cooperation, trust and compliance with agreements are important starting points in this cooperation. You continuously support and maintain the importance, usefulness and necessity of active participation in management.

Against the network
You are a networker, you have an eye for the sometimes conflicting interests and you have an eye for new forms of administrative and official cooperation. You independently represent the municipality and represent its interests. You react vigilantly to signals from the internal and external environment and you ensure internal and external coordination and follow-up.

What are you taking with you?
This position mainly appeals to the skills of leadership, management, organizational development, sensitivity and entrepreneurship.

  • Management: you are an approachable and connecting leader with natural authority and you pay attention to employees and are well able to create connections and promote cooperation. You have courage and determination, are approachable, coach and give and receive feedback. You are team-oriented and independent at the same time. You have an eye for roles, positions and responsibilities and aim for role stability and clear frameworks.
  • Leadership: you are a determined and determined personality, capable of translating the vision (or having it translated) into reality. You actually manage on the posted line and ensure that colleagues in management also take care of this results-oriented management.
  • Organizational development: you have a vision for the development of an organization and you are aware of both structure and culture. You build on the development with a special eye for implementation and security. You inspire people to contribute and you have the courage to do things in a different way. You are responsible for shaping a contemporary and modern employer where colleagues continue to enjoy working.
  • Sensitivity: you recognize the sometimes conflicting interests, both within the administrative bodies, the community, the region and in the organization. You pick up on signals and act accordingly, and you can support and advise administrators based on social or national trends and offer countermeasures where needed. You have an eye for the expectations of the individual portfolio holders and for the functioning of the collective.
  • Entrepreneurship: you see opportunities and act on them, you are results-oriented and energetic and you manage to achieve results, you develop and maintain local, regional and possibly national networks and you are visible.

In addition, you take

  • Academic thinking and working level.
  • Experience as the top manager (director and/or municipal official) within a political-administrative and complex environment.
  • Knowledge of issues within organizational development and able to implement this, knows how a flexible organizational concept can work.
  • A contemporary view of public administration and collaboration.
  • A modern view of cooperation with the Cooperation Council and a willingness to invest in this relationship.

Terms of employment
Working in an international municipality, in the heart of Brainport, is special in itself. But there is more. At Veldhoven municipality, you are in control of your work and your career. Because what works well for you may not necessarily work for your almost 500 colleagues. There are all individuals with their own motives, ambitions and private lives. It is precisely the combination of freedom and personal responsibility that brings out the best in each other. At the same time, you feel that everyone is very involved. Together and with the people we work for: the residents of the beautiful municipality of Veldhoven.

You can also count on

  • A monthly gross salary in scale 16 of a maximum of €8,758 based on 36 hours. And a monthly SCV of at least 17.85%, which can increase to a maximum of 19.85% depending on your age.
  • Modern employment conditions with room for flexibility and development.
  • An open working environment with short lines between employees and management.

Procedure information
Recruitment and selection of the municipal clerk is in the hands of Ellen Bruin of Castanho Selection & Advice. The procedure will be opened internally and externally at the same time. After a pre-selection by the agency, the nomination is made to the client. A delegation from the executive board, management and work committee is involved when participating in selection or advisory committees.

  • First and second rounds of interviews with candidates are scheduled for Wednesday 15 February and Monday 27 February.
  • A Discover test is part of the procedure.
  • A reference check and a VOG application are part of the procedure.
  • The board of B & W will make a hiring decision at the end of February 2022.
  • The candidate begins work as soon as possible.

Apply or more information?
For more information, contact doctor Ellen Bruin, tel. 06-20303256. You can apply until Monday 30 January 2023 via If you upload your CV and a short letter of motivation to the direct application button, you will receive a confirmation of the application. Shortly after the response deadline has expired, we invite candidates to a first selection interview with Castanho’s consultant.

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