Five cultural initiatives in Tilburg receive provincial incentive funds

Five Tilburg initiatives receive grants from the provincial stimulus money program. In this year’s second round, applications from, among others, Body of Art/Annemijn Rijk, Stichting Paradox Jazz Orchestra and Murf/Murw Festival were honored. In total, the five projects will receive almost €250,000. These are innovative, future-proof and appealing cultural projects. With an impulse grant, these initiatives can grow into established projects that we in Brabant can be proud of.

The stimulus funds are made available by the North Brabant Provincial Council. Kunstloc Brabant advises applicants and, on behalf of the province, is, among other things, responsible for the implementation of the impulse funding program.

The five awarded projects in Tilburg are:

Murf/Murw Festival

Murf/Murw, a collective of creators from different disciplines, is committed to the development and visibility of experimental culture. The annual Murf/Murw Festival provides a platform for experimental music, film, visual arts, theater and dance. Makers are invited to create new work for the festival or to present existing works in a new context. They are also encouraged to enter into collaborations with creators from other disciplines. With the impulse contribution, Murf/Murw aims to professionalize the organization of the festival, to increase the audience reach and to strengthen the positioning.

The Foundation for Circular Art

The Foundation for Circular Arts stems from a previously funded impulse funding application from the metal band Autarkh, led by Michel Nienhuis. With the impulse contribution, Michel has realized the division of the Autarkh band for the new electroacoustic Autarkh III in 2020 and 2021. He used an artistic circular approach: reinterpreting material by returning to sounds, ideas and forms that have already been created. In this way, the group could position itself in a new market. Now Michel wants to use this circular approach with the Foundation for Circular Art to create connections in the cultural area of ​​Brabant. The Foundation for Circular Art receives a contribution from the impulse funding program to lay a solid foundation for the foundation over the next two years, further research into circularity, develop productions and share knowledge.

Body of Art/Annemijn Rijk

With Body of Art, Annemijn Rijk creates performances and installations at the forefront of dance, installation, film, performance and visual art. With her artistic work, she makes social themes tangible. Annemijn Rijk has recently been able to share her knowledge and work not only in the cultural sector but also in other domains. She would like to continue that development by using a contribution from the impulse funds to deepen her artistic research, strengthen the organization and establish new connections with institutions in other domains.

Schouwburg Concert Hall Tilburg

Schouwburg Concertzaal Tilburg, in collaboration with the quartermaster, stakeholders and users, will give substance to an activity program for Stadsforum, a new large square in Tilburg. This is done through placemaking: a method that stimulates citizen participation to improve the living environment. In order to give meaning to the square before it is completed in 2024, various activities from the public program are realized. Schouwburg Concertzaal Tilburg receives an impulse grant for two components: the selection and installation of thirteen creative installations and a course for stakeholders on the activation of public space through art and culture.

Paradox Jazz Orchestra

Paradox Jazz Orchestra, Tilburg jazz orchestra founded in 2019, has been playing successful concerts since 2020. During these concerts, but also in the albums that the orchestra publishes, a theme is highlighted each time. Each time an orchestra, arranger or composer is at the center. The ambition of the orchestra and conductor Jaspers Stap is to keep the big band culture alive. In order to further shape this ambition, wide audience, strengthen the funding mix and establish a master-student programme, the Paradox Jazz Orchestra receives a contribution from the impulse funds. Currently, Paradox Jazz Orchestra also has a live crowdfunding campaign to fund a second album of music from The Skymasters.

Impulse money program

With the impulse funding program, the Province of North Brabant wants to stimulate initiatives that provide impulses for the sustainable development of the cultural system in Brabant across: professional art, amateur art and cultural education. Makers, cultural institutions, governments, social organizations, educational institutions or companies that want to contribute to strengthening the cultural sector in Brabant and/or connect the cultural sector with other domains can make use of impulse funds. This is financing with a lasting effect by means of a temporary impulse.

The stimulus funds are made available by the North Brabant Provincial Council. Kunstloc Brabant advises applicants and, on behalf of the province, is, among other things, responsible for the implementation of the impulse funding program.

In 2023, there will also be a budget for the subsidy impulse funds. There are two submission deadlines in 2023, from 6 to 12 March and from 11 to 17 September.

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