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Farouk El Sayed: the energetic owner of De Buurman in Van Hallstraat.


De Pijp has a reputation for being young, hip and happening. We laugh at that in the West. With us, there are so many cool hotspots that you can even go on a teenage trip. You can find the stops for this unique walking route here.

    This complex in Hannie Dankbaarpassagen is one big one light dome. Catch a movie, stroll the food market. Everything is possible, from morning to night.
  2. Jens Bing, Jan Hanzenstraat
    De Hallen borders the busy Ten Katemarkt. At the end of it is the funky Jens Bing. During the week a hang-out for students and on the weekend the place for anyone who wants to enjoy Taiwanese pancakes, chicken nuggets, bubble tea and other good from the owner’s country of birth.
  3. Massimo Gelato, Jan Hanzenstraat
    If anyone can make ice cream, it’s the Sicilian Massimo. He serves it in a bowl, on a cone or in a sandwich. How nice is it to start the day?
  4. Paindemie, Kinkerstraat
    Kinkerstraat stretches out on the other side of De Hallen. One of the focal points here is Paindemie, which looks like a cross between a kek crematorium and a Japanese subway station. The owners think the food is so special that they recently jokingly awarded themselves three Michelin stars. At the most exciting sandwich shop in the West, a sauerkraut sandwich and a BBQ hot dog is an option. Or a sandwich with black pudding.
  5. Seoul Food, Kinker Street
    The hippest country in Asia has to be Korea; the movies, the music, the food. It simply cannot be dragged out in the long run. Seoul Food convincingly shows that Korea has more to offer in the culinary field than kimchi and bibimbap.
  6. Biscuit Baby, Kinkerstraat
    Things aren’t so healthy at this location across from Seoul Food, as the chip shop is working overtime for comfort food from North Carolina. The exhibit is biscuit – a kind of scone – with honey and fried chicken.
  7. Indianaweg, Kinkerstraat
    There is no shortage of used clothes in Kinkerstraat. But for the most beautiful offer, you really have to go to Romy and Debra den Dekker’s shop. Always surprising, always stylish, affordable and exclusive.
  8. Dagblad, Bilderdijkstraat
    Founded by three friends, this Amsterdam brand has rocketed into a global brand. On the streets, high schools and in clubs; the hoodie, the sweaters and caps of the Daily Paper is hotter than hot despite (or: thanks to) the price.
  9. Olaf Hussein, Bilderdijkstraat
    Opposite Dagbladet is another business for the same target group: Olaf. Basic clothing that is rock solid and extremely popular. Olaf, Daily Paper and Filling Pieces were all set up by the same group of friends. Together with Patta, they are the most popular streetwear brands in Amsterdam.
  10. nNea, Bilderdijkstraat
    Instagram-proof, this pizzeria bills itself as the ‘metropolis of the new generation of pizza’. The pizza chef sprinkles with pork sausages, roasted cauliflower, slow cooked beef, octopus from the oven and other ingredients.
  11. Moak, De Clerqstraat
    Do you prefer pancakes to pizzas? It can also be arranged. A little further on, Bij Moak (once known as ‘Mook’), the chef throws pancake after pancake into the air and eats all over Amsterdam in a pink and blue interior with hip-hop in the background. The showpiece of the menu is Versace, Versace, Versace: a stack of three blueberry pancakes with saffron-pistachio ice cream, melted pink chocolate, gold leaf, caramelized pineapple and more (100 euros). Served on Versace service, including a glass of champagne. There are also plenty of options for minors.
  12. Theater de Krakeling, Pazzanistraat
    Just keep walking and all the treasures of Westerpark are within reach, such as this youth theatre. Snuff culture for little ones and 12+ people. Theatre, dance, mime, visual arts. Take your pick! Sniff culture for little ones and 12+ people. Explore the options.
  13. Ketelhuis, Pazzanistraat
    The house for Dutch film no longer only shows productions from its own country. Cartoons, dramas, thrillers, comedies, documentaries. All genres are represented in this cinema.
  14. Ton Ton Club, Polonceaukade
    This playground shows almost everything arcade games that exists in it. The owners have been inspired by Japan and the rest of Asia. Mix steamed buns with dumplings and noodle dishes. The desserts are here pretty wild: spekkoek with a cream of ginger and white chocolate and a deep-fried one bao with marshmallows and passion fruit sorbet ice cream.
  15. Cafe-restaurant Amsterdam, Watertorenplein
    Most of the staff now working at ‘Cradam’ were taken to this institute by their own parents as teenagers. Such an excursion is simply an indispensable part of any Amsterdammer’s culinary education. For starters there is a hamburger or pasta pesto, but advanced eaters can easily bite into one boudin noir and one steak tartare.
    Lovers of brands like Patta and Daily Paper know that this snack bar in Van Hallstraat has the x-factor. They come here for the homemade Egyptian falafel made from broad beans and the cheeseburger sandwich with a cheese soufflé and puff away with the house drink: hibiscus according to the recipe of owner Farouk El Sayed’s mother.

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