Experience moving art with different dance styles with Oxygen

Next week in Rabo Theater De Meenthe: Leonard Cohen Tribute, Rundfunk, Bogey and the Longhorn, Koefnoen Live, Benja Bruining, Oxygen and Kiki Schippers.

Leonard Cohen Tribute

The performance ‘I can’t forget tour’ of the Leonard Cohen Tribute can be seen on Thursday 19 January starting at The Leonard Cohen Tribute Band performs many well-known and lesser-known songs in original or arranged versions. The overarching theme of ‘Come Healing’ is the common thread through a show of sparkle, emotion, lightness and depth. We’re glad you’re here: “Come healing…

Round function

The performance ‘Todesangstschrei’ by Rundunk can be seen on Friday, January 20, starting at 8 p.m. As soon as you leave the nest, your hair becomes thinner, your muscles stiffer and your vision weaker. The oppressive fear of death and the waiting for it has inevitably begun. And the only thing that is certain is that it is getting closer every second. After Growth pains about the pain of growing up, the boys in Rundfunk break down Todesangstschrei to the reckless misery of approaching death. Laugh.

Bogey and Longhorn

Bogey and the Longhorns’ Friday Night Pocket Concert is Friday, January 20th and starts at 9.30 p.m. The region’s world-famous band Bogey & the Longhorn fills the traditional pocket concert in the theater De Meenthe in a special way! The complete program will consist of the most beautiful songs from the artists who died in the last three years.

Koefnoen Live

The performance ‘Koefnoen Live’ can be seen on Saturday 21 January, starting at 20:00. After a year of hoarding, skin starvation and coughing shame, with online drinks and star chef takeaway cuisine, we are slowly scribbling back out of lockdown mode. What happened? What has changed? In striking, recognizable and confrontational sketches, songs and scenes, Owen Schumacher, Jeremy Baker and Paul Groot throw themselves into a sharp, dazzling, satirical theater revue about change, renewal or staying stuck.

Benja Bruijning

The performance ‘Et liv’ by Benja Bruijning can be seen on Saturday 21 January starting at 8.15pm. Benja Bruijning solo on stage for the first time. Armed with a personal and moving text by author Nick Payne. Olivier Diepenhorst directs. IN A life everything is connected: birth and death, becoming a father and being a son. The piece is both whimsical and refined. One moment the narrator is talking about his pregnant wife, the next about his dying father. This is how Payne proves how close the feelings are.


The dance performance ‘Delusions’ by Oxygen can be seen on Tuesday, January 24, starting at 8 pm. Jennifer Romen (Maastricht, 1996) is a young, ambitious choreographer who, with her company ‘Oxygen’, impresses with visual work that is detailed with visual illusions . Now it’s time to introduce the public to her spectacular choreography. In her first full-length theater performance, Jennifer takes you into an interplay between dance and illusion, where the use of light is the connecting factor.

Kiki Schippers

The performance ‘Mere’ by Kiki Schippers can be seen on Tuesday 24 January starting at 8.15pm. Direct! Like it’s your last day, or like the very last hour. Kiki is no different. But after many years of dancing on the volcano, it is now time to reflect on all that has accumulated and caked in the meantime. Kiki settles the bill in a performance with an abundance of sharp and disarming songs, in which she spares neither herself nor the world. A piano, a guitar and a hell of a voice, what more could you ask for?

Even more to see: Flip Norman on January 25th. Frank Meester on January 25. Debby Petter on January 25. Daniel Arends on 26 January. Robin Hood on January 27th. Leo Blokhuis on January 28. Erik Nemeijer on 2 February. Andre Kuipers on February 3. Queen the Music on February 4th. Yvonne Steen on 7 February. Nienke Plas on 8 February. Maiden United on 9 February. Supertrap on February 10. Ramon Chatrer on February 10. Henry van Loon on February 11. Ronald Goedemondt on February 15 (sold out).

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