MORE Excursions in Groningen and Drenthe: five tips

Eric Ineke with The Frans Elsen Factor

Drummer Eric Ineke leads a septet inspired by the pieces of the pianist/composer Frans Elsen (1934-2011). Pianist Frans Elsen (1934-2011) is best known as an advocate of bebop and as a teacher of two generations of jazz musicians. He also made very different music.

In the summer of 1970, he spent his vacation in a remote log cabin in Norway. Inspired by the desolate environment and the small towns, Elsen wrote and arranged a ‘Norwegian cycle’, which he later performed with his brand new septet, which was very innovative and progressive in terms of sound and concept. Co-leader was alto saxophonist Piet Noordijk (1932-2011).

The only musician from this hip group still alive today is drummer Eric Ineke. He leads a contemporary septet, again inspired by these wonderful works by Frans Elsen. The Dutch Jazz Archive released the authentic recordings on the album Norge. Because the original arrangements have also been found, this new project was also initiated by NJA.

Groningen – Martinus Bryggeri, Wed 20.30, 15 euros

Write better, write easier

Do you want to learn to write, learn to write better or write easier? So come to tomorrow introductory lesson of the Schrijversvakskolen in Groningen. You write in class. You will be given two tasks and the teacher will comment on your text.

You will quickly feel the benefits of such writing training and you will go home wiser, even if you do not want to write literature, but prefer business or journalism. The lesson lasts two and a half hours. Reservations are necessary and can be made via 06-14771011, via or via the school’s website:

Groningen – Schrijversvakschool, Tuesday at 19, free

‘Hot flashes’ with classics for women

The new episode of Hot flashes is a feel-good theater performance full of well-known hits that every woman can sing along to. Think of classics like I’m every woman Respect, Girls just want to have fun and Repeatedly mixed with recognizable, personal, touching and funny stories.

Because how ’50’ are the friends Antje Monteiro, Joanne Telesford and Hilke Bierman? How do these career moms keep it up A man’s world? How long can Antje deny that she is in menopause? What makes Joanne such a hip grandma and is it true that Hilke struggles with her shapewear? These three ladies have never exposed themselves so openly.

Emmen – ATLAS Theatre, Wednesday at 20, 28.50 euros

Musical talents from Groningen soil

The annual recurring Grunnsonic is a joint initiative between POPgroningen and ESNS and can finally take place physically again. The best musical talents from Groningen have been selected for this year Grunnsonic and get the chance to profile themselves in this year’s musical weekend, ESNS.

This edition has a slightly different look, namely with 18 acts in four places under the guise of ‘less is more’. With more attention for the artists – but also for the visitor. The places where Grunnsonic taking place this year are: Het Pakhuis, Warhol, Het Concerthuis and Klup de Dag. For more information on the line-up, the full block schedule and more go to:

Groningen – 4 locations, 18 to 20 January

Artworks around ESNS

During the upcoming edition of ESNS, be amazed by three temporary works of art in the center of Groningen. This meeting of art and music introduces you to local and national visual arts talent.

Eirik Jahnsen presents a metal sculpture, Nicky Assmann and Joris Strijbos show a light artwork and Davey Smand a sound installation. The works of art are placed in context with ESNS ART, a collaboration between Kunstpunt and ESNS and will be spread out in the center of Groningen from 18 to 22 January.

Groningen – Centre, Wed to Sun, free

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