Audi and Schiphol Commercial expand the collaboration further

  • Six new Audi A8 L 60 TFSI e-models and two luxurious Volkswagen Multivans for VIP transport Schiphol VIP Center
  • Audi spoils Privium and VIP center guests with the best business podcasts through a unique collaboration with Listn
  • Subtle class: LED lamps with Audi logo in VIP center and Privium Lounges

Schiphol Commercial and Audi are intensifying the collaboration that has existed since 2008. Since January 11, six new Audi A8 L 60 TFSI e have been available to take guests from the Schiphol VIP Center to and from their aircraft in complete comfort. For larger groups, the VIP center now uses luxurious Volkswagen Multivans with Audi signature. VIP center guests and Privium members also benefit from the partnership between Schiphol and Audi thanks to the ‘Listn’ podcasts that Audi offers to travelers in the various lounges.

All six new A8 models for the Schiphol VIP center offer plenty of space and maximum comfort thanks to their extended wheelbase. The latter is further enhanced by the fact that this top model from Audi has advanced plug-in hybrid technology. This means that the journeys to and from the plane on the apron are entirely electric, which contributes to Schiphol’s sustainable ambitions. From now on, two luxurious Volkswagen Multivans are available for larger groups, also equipped with plug-in hybrid technology, which makes it possible to drive fully electrically.

In peace

That Schiphol VIP Center is a true oasis in the busy national airport. The VIP center designed by Marcel Wanders is very popular with dignitaries and VIP passengers. Since opening in 2008, the Schiphol VIP Center has used Audi models to transport guests from the VIP Center to the aircraft and back. Tranquility, class and quality have always been connected factors.

Listen and see

Due to the intensification of the cooperation with Schiphol Commercial, Audi has an even more prominent presence in the Schiphol VIP center and now also in the Privium Lounges, among other places. Research has shown that 30 percent of departing travelers listen to podcasts during their stay at Schiphol or during their flight. In collaboration with ‘Listn’, Audi now offers guests in the Schiphol VIP center and in the Privium Lounges a selection of interesting business podcasts through a collaboration with Listn. Listn is the podcast platform for professionals with content selected by BNR Nieuwsradio and Het Financieele Dagblad.

Guests with an eye for detail will undoubtedly fall for the special Audi in the Schiphol VIP Center and Privium Lounges Led lamps. These look like classic bulbs, but – just like in the headlights of current Audis – modern LED technology is incorporated. The Audi logo at the heart of the lamps subtly refers to Progress through (light) technology.

Unburden Privium and Audi

By Priviummembership has everything covered, such as fast-track security and border crossing, access to three exclusive lounges, front parking, Business Class check-in with participating airlines and many other exclusive discounts and benefits. Later this year, the more extensive cooperation between Schiphol and Audi will be continued with special Privium campaigns for Audi drivers.

Arthur Reijnhart, Director Schiphol Commercial on the renewed collaboration: “The brands Audi and Schiphol reinforce each other in the pursuit of the highest quality. Schiphol is for everyone. With the Privium and VIP service, Schiphol responds to the increasing demand from travelers for premium services. A strong brand like Audi fits beautifully into this. We are proud that the mutual trust between Schiphol and Audi has led to the continuation of this fantastic collaboration.”

Ferry Enders, Managing Director of Audi Netherlands, is also delighted with the renewed collaboration: “The collaboration between Schiphol Commercial and Audi has been a household name for years among travelers departing and arriving via the Schiphol VIP Center. This new, more comprehensive partnership now allows us to further enrich the premium travel experience for a wider group of business and private travelers via Schiphol Privium.”

Source: Audi

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