Esther Groenenberg, Janneke de Bijl, all about the universe and more. The most beautiful excursions in Groningen and Drenthe.

Listen to the songs of Esther Groenenberg, visit Rootssonic, admire the world with Janneke de Bijl, visit a concert with Blond & Blue or the Bruckner Quartet or learn all about the universe.

Esther Groenenberg comes to Amen

Esther Groenenberg has been an active player in the Dutch music world since 2007. Her album was released last year Run after the boat from. For this record she collaborated with Daniël Lohues, Stephanie Struijk and Bertolf Lentink, resulting in a number of strong melodies and lyrics. However, she wrote most of the songs on her album herself. Her sources of inspiration are Carole King and Joni Mitchell, which can be heard in her musical sound. She has previously toured with the show Natural woman in which she paid tribute to Kgl.

After her tour last year under the name By heart , Groenenberg will be at Café de Amer in Amen this Saturday. In her music, she takes the listener inside her head, full of themes such as letting go, spring and dreams. She brings Sebastiaan van Olst and Milo Groenhuijzen to the concert. These two born musicians accompany her on bass guitar and guitar. Reservations for the concert can be made via One ticket includes two drinks.

Listen to the new album here:

Amen – Café De Amer, Sat at 20, 25 euros

About the universe and how we can exist

There are few things more fascinating than the universe. Those who look at the starry sky see light from places that no longer exist, and the history of the cosmos is longer than we can imagine. Jeffrey Bout tells today about the fantastic history of the universe. How the primordial soup turned into stars, how planets came into existence, and how humanity came to be.

It took a lot for the earth as we know it now and the people who walk around it now. In his lecture From the big bang to us The Groningen astronomer takes the listener through the history of the universe and how everything came to be. How did life develop on our blue planet? And how special are we really?

Assen – Library DNK, Wednesday (today) 7.30 p.m., 5 euros, members 2.50 euros

Rootssonic puts roots and Americana in the spotlight

Groningen artists TAMAR and Jonathan Rhodes have teamed up for a special showcase of roots and americana to perform during Eurosonic. Under the name Rootssonic, the two acts will play an acoustic program full of roots, blues and Americana. They do this in a special place, namely at Boekhandel Riemer in Groningen.

With Roorssonic, the artists want to offer a stage for influential roots music that is made accessible to a wide audience. TAMAR makes poetic pop songs and tells extraordinary stories about everyday life. Jonathan Rhodes tells light-hearted stories and enters the scene as the anti-hero in his own adventures.

Groningen – Boekhandel Riemer, Fri at 16, free

Choose in a world full of possibilities

Like everyone else, Janneke de Bijl may not have long to live. She already knows what she doesn’t want, such as a bread fund, a house that reflects her personality, or a child. So what does she want? It’s hard to choose when you’re just as happy camping in a cabin on the Veluwe as you are in a hotel on Curaçao.

In her performance This is it observes the cabaret artist again. She only has to look around or in the mirror, and the absurdity of the struggling human shows itself again.

De Bijl describes what she sees, exposes the illogic in it, and fills it in. Dark, relatable and mixed with hypothermic humor.

Emmen – ATLAS Theatre, Fri 8.30pm, 19.50 euros

Blond & Blue play blues and rock

Delivered next Saturday the blues formation Blond & Blue kick-off at a series of concerts organized in 2023 by the Association for Local Interests Veelerveen. The band, which last year performed during the pre-party of the Holland International Blues Festival in Grolloo, guarantees an evening of swinging up-tempo blues, with a touch of jazz-blues.

There is also a regular rock-blues sound with songs by artists such as Tedeschi Trucks Band, Rory Gallagher and Cuby + Blizzards. Tickets can be reserved by emailing or calling 0625045014 or 0657392348.

Veelerveen – MFA Wed Noabershoes, Sat at 20.30, 10 euros

Trombones sing together. The Bruckner Quartet in Rolde | Advertising

The new year in the Rolder Concerts series opens on Sunday with the warm harmony of trombones of the Bruckner Quartet. The four trombone friends studied together, then flew to leading ensembles and orchestras in Europe and found each other again in this quartet. Sebastiaan Kemner, Jeffrey Kant, Daniel Quiles Cascant and Marijn Migchielsen let their trombones sing together.

The Bruckner Quartet’s repertoire spans from the Renaissance to the present day, and their innovative programs connect this. The ensemble is named after a composer who best knew how to write for trombones in a way that made their sounds blend and roar: Anton Bruckner. Sebastiaan Kemner is always busy tracking down forgotten music, editing existing repertoire and new music. The resulting programs are surprising and narrative, mainly highlighting the lyrical side of the trombone. This concert is a surprise program with at least work by Bruckner and a nod to the nobleman Don Quixote.

Groningen songs by Bob Heidema | Advertising

Bob Heidema, frontman of De Stroatklinkers, p peels and sings his own Groningen songs in Norg at De Brinkhof on Sunday. He gets his first guitar from his father when he is 13 years old and learns the first chords from uncle Koen Heidema. Heidema starts his first band in 1975, Return, where he plays songs by Peter Koelewijn, the Beatles and everything popular. Heidema is known in the region as the frontman of the Groningen bluegrass band De Stroatklinkers.

Over the years, band members of De Stroatklinkers have achieved many highlights and built up a large fan base. An absolute low point was the sudden death of mandolin player and guitarist Harry Jansen on September 1, 2020. Bob Heidema delivered his first solo album in 2015 with Allain. Heidema’s second is Woar k ook bin. The record contains eleven Groningen-language songs. The concert in Norway starts on Sunday at 11.15.

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