Everything you need to know about the new museum

Kunstmuseum M. will become Almere and Flevoland’s new icon. At least if it says to quartermaster Denise de Boer. The city council in Almere has yet to make a final decision about the museum, which has made waves since 2019.

The ‘Pilotmuseet’ M., which officially opens its doors on Friday on the former Floriade site, was supposed to be a foretaste of the new museum. It starts with the ‘Housewarming’ exhibition, where visitors can tell their own stories using small household items.

The intention is for the art museum to become a place for cultural experience and meeting. For example, there must be at least two major performances per year. In addition, the museum will have a nightclub and a public roof terrace where visitors and passers-by can go. In this way, the museum can generate extra income.

When will it be clear whether the museum will be there?
The city council of Almere should have taken a decision on the art museum’s arrival at the end of last year, but it has been postponed until next summer. The City Council does not yet have enough information to make a decision.

In addition, the council members first want to have the plan and financing proposal reviewed by an external body to rule out major risks. The city council decides whether the museum is to be built and in what form. The council can only do this if it is fully informed about costs and benefits, the politicians write.

How much should M. cost?
The museum must be paid for with money from various governments, foundations and sponsors. Talks are currently being held with these parties as well as with the state. In total, the municipality would spend 13 million euros on preparation and development in the coming years. Then there are the costs of the construction and the annual costs of the art museum.

A previous plan says that if Almere municipality chooses the construction of the art museum, it will cost 63.5 million euros. In addition, a minimum of 6 million euros is needed annually to keep the museum open. The Kunstmuseum Flevoland plan maps income and expenses to see if a museum is profitable.

The aim is to attract 200,000 visitors a year, of which 80,000 from Almere and the surrounding area. The sale of the tickets should yield between one and two million euros.

If the city council approves the plans for the museum, the government will in any case receive a grant of one million euros. It will be spread over the next four years. The money is not for the realization of the museum, but for the peripheral activities. It is intended that in the years leading up to the opening, there will be activities to get Almere residents excited about the museum. Consider educational programs and activities at the landscape artworks in the province. Residents should also have the opportunity to participate in the design of the museum.

So what can you see?
Kunstmuseum M. wants to focus on ‘immersive art’, where the visitor is immersed with all the senses in large art installations. Our reporter Rejo van der Weide explains it in this video:

“There is hardly any art in Almere” — Suzanne van de Laar, D66 Almere

Is there a need for a museum?
According to D66, a growing city like Almere definitely needs its own art museum. “There is almost no art in Almere. But there are a lot of artists who now move to other cities to show their art there. How wonderful it would be if we had an art museum in Almere that could also show this art”, says party member Suzanne van de Laar.

CDA and PVV doubted the need for an art museum in Almere. Cees Sanderse from CDA: “We have seen at the Floriade that it becomes increasingly difficult to withdraw when you have already spent money. So we need to know in advance what the public thinks about the museum.”

Toon van Dijk from PVV doesn’t like the museum either. “I think this is the next prestige project which will ultimately lead to us throwing a lot of Almeer’s tax money over the floor for something that is doomed to fail. It’s way too big. The theme of ‘immersive art’ does not appeal to anyone in our city.”

Where will the museum be located?
The location of the possible museum has not yet been determined. The site will not be discussed further until the city council has given its final approval. Currently, the council already has three ‘promising sites’ in mind, on or near Weerwater.

This message was created through a collaboration between 1Almere and Omroep Flevoland.

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