Tom Sanderman, Sneker Filmwinter and So-Fi. This and more excursions in Friesland

Come and listen to Tom Sanderman, Erwin Rommert Weerstra, So-Fi or Onaf, learn more about Hella Haasse in a lecture by Aleid Truijens or dream away to a film during the Sneker Filmvinteren.

Tom Sanderman shows himself

Whoever you are, show yourself. That is the underlying message by saxophonist Tom Sanderman during his solo concert Whoever you are, come forward , Friday in Pakhûs Solo in Stiens. Sanderman plays pieces that have a special meaning for him. The piece for tenor saxophone The river below us , also the title of Sanderman’s first CD, was written especially for him by the composer Anthony Fiumara. The piece is like a slow river flowing under the surface of the earth and symbolizes the style in which Fiumara composes: no rapid virtuosity on the surface, but the mystery that can be heard beneath the notes.

From the same CD is on the program Dorian Reeds by Terry Riley, one of minimalism’s most famous and influential composers. In this piece for soprano saxophone, a hypnotic effect is created by using delay and tape. Descending by Nicoline Soeter shapes the experiences with Alzheimer’s in the Sanderman family. Whoever you are, come forward from The open road by award-winning composer Kate Moore is a no-frills tune full of color from the tenor saxophone. Good friend and composer Remy Alexander finally wrote sleeping water ; a calm work with moving lines within an open sound field.

Stiens – Pakhûs SOLO, Fri at 20.15, 19.50 euros (up to 18 years 10 euros)

Lots of films during the Sneker Film Winter

From next Thursday the eleventh edition of Sneker Filmwinter took place. The film festival opens with The Fabelmans by director Steven Spielberg, who won a Golden Globe last week. The festival shows countless films filled with funny, exciting, intelligent and romantic moments.

Movies like supernova , Riders of Justice , Quo Vadis Aida , Le Meilleur Reste à Venir , Encore and Woman is on the menu. The winner of the Northern Film Festival’s audience award will also be a feel-good drama Rose , shown. The full program can be found on the website and visitors can download a block schedule.

Sneek – Cine Sneek, Thu to Sun, various times

Lecture by author Aleid Truijens

Aleid Truijens is a Dutch writer and publicist. She works as an editor and columnist for de Volkskrant and has worked as art editor for the weekly magazine Elsevier, as a lecturer at the Journalism College in Utrecht and at Leiden University and as a literary critic for NRC Handelsblad. She already has a stack of books to her name.

On Thursday, she is in Oranjewoud for a literary reading by SLAH to talk about her latest book Life in the imagination (biography Hella Haasse 1918-2011). Truijens worked on this book for seven and a half years. Reservations for the lecture can be made via

Oranjewoud – Museum Belvédère, Thu at 20.00, 12.50 euros, friends of SLAH (foundation for literary activities Heerenveen) 7.50 euros

Erwin Rommert Weerstra plays Schubert and Chopin

Erwin Rommert Weerstra started playing the piano at the age of three. In 1994, when he was seven years old, he was admitted to the Young Talent Department at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. At the time, he was the youngest student ever accepted. During his studies, he was the only one to win the International Steinway Competition twice. In 2018, he was selected as one of the few candidates for Professor Andrzej Jasiński’s post-master’s program in Italy.

He currently holds appointments as a pianist at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague and at the Nederlands Dans Theater. Weerstra comes to Cultuurpodium Dorpskerk Huizum on Friday for concert. For this recital he has selected works by Schubert and Chopin.

Leeuwarden – Cultuurpodium Dorpskerk Huizum, Fri at 17, free, voluntary contribution

The artists So-Fi and Onaf on stage

Friday evening there are two talented actors on stage in the café in Neushoorn. This time comes So-Fi from Rotterdam takes the stage with his Dutch-language indie pop songs, and the musical poet Onaf is a guest. With two singles released under her name, So-Fi can still go in any direction she wants. Still, she already seems to have a good idea of ​​her style, with comparisons being made so quickly to artists like Clairo and Roosbeef.

So-Fi’s debut But other than that it’s going well will be released early this year. The poet Onaf is also present. He wrote an album he called Bundle. Melancholy but driven, or as his students say: weird. Songs about love, sex, trains and crying, with synths, sax and drums, all in a poetic pop jacket.

Leeuwarden – Popcentrum Neushoorn, Fri at 21.5 euros

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