Nominees Gelderland Circular Innovation Top 20 2023 announced!

The final for the Gelderse Circular Innovation top 20 will be held on 9 February And the nominated innovations have been announced! From this top 20, the jury has published their top 5. These candidates pitch to a jury during the final, after which one of them is awarded the title and the jury’s prize. In addition, you can vote which of the 20 innovations receives the Audience Award!

The jury’s top 5 are:

D2D Water Solution BV with Drop2Drink Unit

The Drop2Drink unit was born out of the urge to contribute to solving SDG6: Clean Water & Sanitation. Due to climate change, it is becoming increasingly important to use flexible and local solutions in addition to the existing infrastructure. By using rainwater as a drinking water source and guaranteeing the Dutch drinking water standard, water management is safe and the conversion is as small an intervention as possible. You can provide drinking water completely off-grid and are therefore self-sufficient. The application is endless and lays a new foundation for future water management.

Plantics BV with natural traffic sign

The natural traffic sign is made of hemp and bioresin. Hemp is grown and extracted in the Netherlands. Biomass in which CO2 is locked up and which is also grown locally. Bioresin is also made from natural raw materials. At the end of a traffic sign’s life cycle, the raw materials (resin and hemp) can be easily separated and recycled. In the Netherlands alone, there are around 3 million traffic signs. By replacing aluminum traffic signs with natural traffic signs, this market can become fully circular.

geWOONhout BV with HOUTbaar Huis Didam

WOOD-suitable homes are built in a sustainable, circular and low-CO2 way because they are made of wood – a bio-based, natural and renewable resource. Wood stores CO2; this in contrast to steel, concrete and limestone. In addition, the houses at the module and element level are fully re-assemble and moveable. All elements are provided with a QR code so that the specifications can be tracked, both during assembly and during or after the period of use. This makes the elements of HOUTbare homes very suitable for recycling. With this product, geWOONhout BV helps the world become circular because the houses are removable, removable and reusable (remountable).

Straw Blocks Systems BV with healthy food and (healthy) cheap housing from one vegetable raw material.

Our collective emissions (human and animal) are a global problem and require drastic measures/solutions for our future. Let’s get started, all the ingredients are available. Regional healthy food and healthy affordable housing in one, offers new ways with unprecedented future prospects for agriculture and construction, two ‘plagued’ sectors, both struggling with their footprint and emissions. Both a less demanding agriculture and construction will be the big challenge for the future. Climate, environment and energy clearly ask for it! A link between agriculture and construction, with in its slipstream: recreation, tourism, nature, landscape, biodiversity and crop rotation.

Low size circular with circular remountable building system

By reusing demolition waste as a whole as construction material for the development of new buildings, Lagemaat Circulair prevents tens of thousands of tons of demolition waste. This in turn saves tens of thousands of tons of raw materials that do not have to be extracted from the ground. Normally, in addition to the extraction of raw materials, this will result in major environmental damage and CO2 emissions, which are now being prevented. Where processing still takes place on the extracted base material, this is done in an environmentally friendly way where possible and with (large-scale) deployment of people with distance to the labor market. Where we lack materials during the realization, we use bio-based materials. The end result is retrofittable, energy efficient, greener and adaptable.

The final of the Gelderland Circular Innovation Top 20 takes place on the Noviotech Campus. Before the final, you will discover how circular business is done there. Afterwards, there is an opportunity to get to know the finalists and the circular network from Gelderland. Here you will find the names of the 20 innovations, and you can register for the final or watch the live stream. Both the audience present at the final and viewers of the live stream can vote for the audience award.

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