The war map that made Top Gun: Maverick possible

Into the groundbreaking stunts Top Gun: Maverick is the result of one clear source of inspiration, revealed the cinematographer behind the blockbuster. A short film that you can watch for free on YouTube.

Tom Cruise is a maniac. Not only because of his role in Scientology, but also because of how he keeps pushing his own boundaries for the films he makes.

Tom Cruise goes into space

The Mission Impossible actor is now sixty, but that doesn’t stop the American from continuing to do his own stunts. Last month, he shared a video of a stunt where he jumps off a cliff on a motorcycle. He will also follow Russia and shoot a movie in space, where Cruise even plans to set a record.

This extreme dedication produces spectacular films. Top Gun: Maverick impressed by the action in the air. Real action. Real fighter planes. Not an endless CGI show that you are used to from these kinds of blockbusters in 2023. Specific camera equipment was even developed to ensure that the pilots could be filmed in their cockpit. Six cinema-quality cameras and Tom Cruise crammed into a small room.

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The inspiration for Top Gun: Maverick

But what is your inspiration as a filmmaker when you are working on a groundbreaking film? When exploring new territory? Cinematographer Claudio Miranda, who has all the beauty in it Top Gun: Maverick conjured up on your screen, an exciting answer.

Miranda was inspired by another medium: animation. Of course, animation knows no limits: you can draw anything, no matter how bizarre or unrealistic. You don’t have to deal with the laws of physics and the limitations of live action.

At the 2023 New York Film Critics Circle Awards, Miranda was awarded Best Picture, of course for Maverick. Cinematographer Tom Cruise and director Joseph Kosinski did not want the revolutionary stunt work of the original Top Gun to copy.

The ways of hate

Still, Miranda had a goal, a bar, a source of inspiration, and it came from an unexpected quarter. Into the stunts Maverick is inspired by the short animated film The ways of hateby Damian Nenow.

With the short film from 2010, the Polish filmmaker uses dogfights to show the effect of anger on the human psyche. It makes the action between the fighters instantly human, introspective. However, that does not change the fact that Nenow has also delivered a spectacular rollercoaster ride in terms of action. The camera flies back and forth between the planes, in and out of the cockpits.

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A dot on the horizon

A great achievement, even though it is animation, and therefore also a great source of inspiration for the camerawork in it Top Gun: Maverick. As Miranda told film magazine Indiewire, “If I get on the planes Maverick could make it resemble the dogfight in Nenow’s disarming portrait of war, it would create a live-action film the likes of which the general public had never seen before.”

In other words, the dot on the horizon was finally clear. Cruise and co. Finally had a goal, found a way to do it Maverick distinguishable from the original Top Gunby creating groundbreaking action in his own way.

And the good news? It is you The ways of hate in its entirety on YouTube. Completely free. Ten minutes of spectacular action and more emotion than you would expect from an animated film. Go see it! Top Gun: Maverick you can also stream on the brand new streaming service SkyShowTime. Fancy more fighter jet action? Then China has a striking Top Guncopy ready for you.

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