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Last week we enjoyed episode 2 of Wie is de Mol, where mole was clearly played. Froukje is out, Sarah is out, what now? In this new episode called Spoil, we stay in Cape Town for a while. There are still three tasks to go, including the first jokers. Always tempting, but is it wise?

First, the tweets we saw during the week:

Task 1: For management

Ether Discipline is very important in the first task. The candidates must ride a quad in the dunes of Atlantis. A beautiful area 40 minutes drive from Cape Town, where you will find hills up to 40 meters high. The candidates must first explore the terrain and look for money. Then there are 7 stations where it is indicated who must press buttons simultaneously. But: each station may only be used once. There is 2,500 euros to be won in this game.

Soja prefers to discuss everything, but the others, including Nabil, prefer to drive away. “Shouldn’t we split into two groups?” is shouted by a desperate Soja, but it falls on deaf ears. Daniel thinks they should go as one group. But no matter what: it’s useful to keep track of how many stations you already have. Anke shouts that there have already been seven, but is that correct?

In the end, it seems that the candidates have found all the stations: 2,500 euros for the pot! Later, Annick and Soy have a moment together. Soja wouldn’t think it’s okay if Anke is de Mol. Anke also seems to have indicated that she would like to be the Mole. Sander and Nabil prefer to talk about football. Meanwhile, Annick reveals that she would hate it the worst if Nabil was the mole.

Exercise 2: By definition

The candidates gather for the second assignment in the Center for the Book. This is where the jokers can be served. Two pieces, clean on the hook. Ranomi wants them. Rik explains that South Africa has many languages ​​and that the most spoken language is Afrikaans. A language similar to Dutch, in this task the candidates in pairs see an African word and have to make sure they give the right answer in a kind of poker-like game and not choose an answer invented by another duo. There is €2,000 to be won for the pot, but also 2 jokers (if duos choose the answer most often thought of by that duo)…

They have to answer questions about what a blank goose is: is it a plane or is it a model? Unfortunately, everyone is wrong: it’s a celebrity. No money in the pot. Oxygen differs, is it smoking, seniors? Yes, it’s seniors, and it’s actually guessed right by a duo: 50 euros in the pot. Blerkas, is it a goat house, telephone, a jukebox? The last thing: it’s a jukebox. Twice 50 euros in the pot, yes!

It will continue like this for a while, NPO also opts for quick editing. Until the last word: mole date. A high profile word in a series is this. It has a good meaning, it is a blind date. Would de Mol already have many blind dates in this program? In the end, Jurre and Annick both earn a joker, the pot goes to 750 euros, bringing the total value of the pot up to 8,050 euros.

Task 3: Enter the ship

Soya seems to be taking her mole book to the toilet. Or is it a sneaky way to be filmed topless? In any case, it is striking. Daniel says, “You should never trust or not 100 percent trust anyone here.” It sounds logical, does he mean something extra by that?

It doesn’t seem to be so hot in South Africa, for the third task the candidates have to be warmly dressed in the harbor looking for a password. It’s spread across an icebreaker and the candidates have to figure out where. First, they have to look for ice cubes to tell where the hints are. Fortunately, the program here determines how the group is divided: into three groups. It is quickly decided that it will be a kind of men against the women. Is that wise? Will they reach the maximum of 2,000 euros for the pool?

The whole episode isn’t exactly dripping with potential moles. Is this command? Sander acts a bit suspicious around the boxes, but it seems more clumsy than a real mole’s teasing. Nabil then also shouts for Sander to put something in his pocket. The two are clearly sabotaging things. Is it just to make himself suspicious? It looks like it. Or you must be a very smart mole.

They eventually figure out that the code word should be ship, although ship-per was a little crazy at first until you read it as shipper. They high-five cheerfully before the team goes to Rik to tell them the password. But not for the episode’s big twist: Nabil and Sander have found a dilemma: 2,000 euros in the pot or three jokers. The pot is selected. They go to Rick with a smile.

But then: Jurre, Soy and Daniel naturally bet hard on the jokers. Jumping and laughing, they walk around before putting the jokers in their inner pockets. There is apparently no physical money involved yet, so there is an immediate answer to the question of why a treasurer has not yet been chosen. They lie so flat against the rest: “No, we didn’t choose the jokers.” Joker, with Judas’ J.

The test

With so many jokers in the game, this test is exciting. The men in particular have jokers on their hands, but we’ve already seen women go in the last two episodes. Some people think this is why no woman goes home. At least Ranomi gets a green screen. And Anka? That too. Nabil also turns green. And yes, a man is really going home this time. Sandra has to go. We haven’t seen a huge amount of him in these previous episodes, but his tunnel vision seems to have become too much for him. “It’s all in the game,” he says with his head held high.

Rik wants to know why Sander didn’t immediately go to Rik with that envelope, but Sander was too happy to help. All too much, because with his orange backpack he waddles out of the program.

Next week we’re going to do something with bananas, airplanes and suitcases with large amounts. Until then!

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