Cultural tips for Groningen and Drenthe: Dirty Hypocrite 2, Family Game, Finding Willard, Abdelkader Benali and Grand Grand Prix Circus.

There is plenty to do in Groningen and Drenthe in the coming days. Jump out of the band during ‘Vuile Hypocrite 7’, fly out of the corner with Rob Kamphues and Tom Coronel or enjoy the intrigue of ‘Familiespel’. And this is not all. Read more soon!

A weekend to lick your fingers

After their marriage, which produced two children, Elisabeth and Nicolaas were divorced. Both have got a new partner and spend Christmas together in the cottage they still own together. Despite their new relationship, Elisabeth and Nicolaas are still very intertwined. Shortly said; all the ingredients are there for a finger-licking weekend.

Family game is a layered tragicomedy about the blended family. Under the eyes of the ex-partner, the new relationship takes on a different shine; in the presence of the new partner, the old one is not only part of your past, but also part of your identity. In addition to the role of the adult characters, the actors also take on the role of the children, who are saddled with each other thanks to the choices made by their parents.

Emmen – ATLAS Theatre, Wednesday at 20, 35 euros

Out of the straitjacket with wrong songs

After a wonderful year of uncertainty and isolation, Vuile Hypocrite comedians Paulette Willemse and Saskia van Zutphen have good intentions. Namely: going all out in this show.

Get rid of cough shame, corona kilos, skin hunger, one and a half meters of society and hamster shame. Get rid of conversations about the hedge, the window conversation, drawbars, amateur virologists, the Irma effect, snot and muzzle shame. It’s time to go to the room and let go of the straitjacket. And what could be better than singing? Find the boundaries of what is allowed and what is not allowed. But what is certainly allowed is the selection of songs that would otherwise be left out. So go with Dirty Hypocrite 7: Because I love you so much and more wrong songs!

Hoogezand – Kielzog Theater, Thursday at 20.15, 18 euros, incl. break drink

Coincidences lead to a compelling ride

People who deviate from the norm; what place do they have in our society? It is winter 2018. While traveling in the United States, Tom accidentally arrives in a small village near the Canadian border. The town of Willard is located on the shores of a large lake, surrounded by the ruins of a former mental institution.

A chance encounter with this special landscape and its small church community results in a compelling journey where Tom’s personal life becomes closely intertwined with Willard’s. Finding Willard is an intimate performance, where the audience sits on three stands around a model of Willard, so that you as a spectator become very closely involved in the place – as if you were walking around there yourself.

Groningen – Grand Theatre, Wednesday at 20, 17 euros

Brand new news and anecdotes from Formula 1

During the winter break, Formula 1 enthusiasts can treat themselves at The Great Grand Prix Circus . For an hour and a half, Rob Kamphues and Tom Coronel entertain the audience with stories and anecdotes until the evening takes a turn for the worse.

Kamphues is a presenter on TV broadcasts about Formula 1, but also a narrator, comedian and part-time racing driver. He is the perfect person to take audiences to brand new behind-the-scenes stories in motorsport. In his slipstream, Tom Coronel comes by every night and juggles at a circus ball. He explains why he just missed Formula 1 himself and also takes a few of his international racing friends with him via video chat.

Emmen – ATLAS Theatre, Thu 8 pm, 25 euros

Anna talks about Johann Sebastian Bach | Advertising

Anna is the widow of Johann Sebastian Bach and talks about their many experiences on Friday 27 and Saturday 28 January at the Mennonite Church in Groningen. A theater performance with live music fragments played by, among others, Ina Klompmakers and Elsbeth Mulder. Johann Sebastian Bach was known as a difficult man. But was that really the case? If anyone knows, it’s Anna Magdalena Bach, his wife.

IN Anna tells she talks about her life with the famous composer. Her story is peppered with vivid musical fragments. This theater performance is a special cross between storytelling, theater and classical music. It is a performance for everyone, a story of love, happiness, powerlessness and sorrow. It is for lovers of Bach and for people who know nothing about Bach.

An exciting story about mother and son

Theater performance by master storyteller Abdelkader Benali. He takes you in Mother and son into an intimate story of parenthood, love and sacrifice. With humor and poetry, he paints a beautiful portrait of the bond between a mother and her son.

Benali talks about the trip he takes with his mother to Saint Petersburg to see Rembrandt’s paintings and at the same time strengthen the bond with her. The trip brings mother and son together, but in a completely different way than he could have imagined.

Assen – Theater DNK, Thu 8.30 p.m., 22 euros

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