Gaming laptop MSI is affordable and damn impressive

MSI is a brand known for its high-quality gaming computers. Fans are usually satisfied and at WANT we are therefore very curious about how the company usually manages it. Editor Maarten Verkoren started working with the new Katana gaming laptop and tells you all about it.

Many gamers know what MSI has to offer in terms of gaming laptops. Logical, because many products are produced exclusively by the gamer. Reason enough for me, together with a hardcore gamer, to test the new MSI Katana 11UE and compare it with another product from the market.

MSI Katana: gaming laptop both fast and thin

First, the MSI Katana is lightning fast. A fast processor, a fast graphics card and a fast screen. A fast processor is nice for all computers and all applications, so I would even call it a requirement for a laptop in the higher segment. The screen has 144 Hz, which ensures a fast display and refresh of the images generated and delivered from the hardware and the fast video card.

However, a powerful video card is far from every computer. The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 GPU 6GB GDDR6 that is in the Katana 11UE shows that it is possible. What do you see this reflected in and why is it important? This means you can play beautifully and smoothly.

In Review: One of the best affordable gaming laptops out there right now
SI once again meets the high expectations with the Katana (Image: MSI)

During gaming, the laptop achieves a constant and high FPS. You often hear the term in games and video, and it’s about the frame rate. The frequency at which a consecutive series of images (frames) can be displayed on a screen. Measured in frames per second, your optical perception is fine if the fps is constant and high enough.

If the fps is too low, the images will be jerky, very annoying. If you only play simple games, fps doesn’t matter that much. But with more advanced, heavier games, the frame rate is of great importance. A too low fps is tiring for your eyes and also ensures that your opponents see things faster in game and beat you.

Tested in heavy games

To make a good comparison, I played a number of well-known titles together with a hardcore gamer. Think about League of Legends, Fortnite, Call of Duty: Warzone, Halo Infinite and Elden Ring. In addition to the MSI Katana gaming laptop, we also picked up a laptop from Lenovo.

In all five, Lenovo performed inconsistently, to say the least, and even regularly underperformed. The MSI Katana hit a smooth 60 fps across the board and proved very suitable for running these games. Another important feature for playing heavy games is the cooling. Many laptops run hot when delivering high performance and need to be cooled down significantly.

In Review: One of the best affordable gaming laptops out there right now
Powerful cooling specially designed to dissipate a lot of heat quickly (Image: MSI)

The MSI Katana has powerful cooling that is specially designed to dissipate a lot of heat quickly. You can hear the fans blowing quite a bit during the heavy games, but you can’t hear that through your headphones. Thanks to the revamped cooling system, we never get overheating reports and warnings, so that’s great.

The keyboard has a red backlight, so you can clearly see the keys in the dark. Besides gaming, we also found the MSI Katana to be very suitable for more general tasks such as web surfing, word processing, photo and video editing, video streaming (from all services) and video calling. My opinion is therefore that the MSI Katana is a great all-round laptop, but above all stands out as an excellent gaming laptop. With the Katana, MSI once again meets the high expectations of its target audience.

The MSI Katana GF66 11UE-003NL is on sale from €1,259

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In Review: One of the best affordable gaming laptops out there right now

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