Ricardo Kunst rushes to victory in Rijswijk without heads-up

Poker Series Online #4: Ricardo Kunst races to victory in Rijswijk without heads-up

Ricardo Kunst already has a win in his second participation in Poker Series Online #4. Ricardo proved to be the best in the Rijswijk Championship and thus secured a place in the Tournament of Champions. He also earned 15 placement points, but probably more importantly a semi-final ticket. The quarter-final ticket plus 10 ranking points went to Teunis Los, who is still waiting for his first win this season. There are still four preliminary rounds to go when we go on a virtual trip to Uden on Tuesday.

As always, the first cards were handed out last night at 19.30. This time the championship in Rijswijk was held as part of the fourth season of the Poker Series Online. At 20.35 the late registration was over, and the tournament had 67 participants. As a result, the top seven finished in prizes this time. This consisted of a minimum of a round of 16 ticket and six placement points for places 7 to 3 up to a maximum of a semi-final ticket and 15 placement points for the winner.

Joel Nasarany and Sandra van Beek win free tickets

More than half of the field was registered before 19:30. As a result, they all had a chance to win the two free tickets that are given away every tournament to everyone who buys a ticket before the start. Two names were also drawn at the Rijswijk edition and the lucky winners were Joel Nasarany and Sandra van Beek. They can send an email to info@pokeren.nl and then they will participate in the next tournament for free. Congratulations!

Bubble bursts quickly

Six hands to the final table, the first victim fell. Ethel van der Schinkel (9th) was very short as the KTs moved to the middle. Erwin Pleus was there with pocket queens and promptly flopped a set, leaving Ethel to enjoy the final for a short time. That brought us to the bubble, and it was bad news for the extremely short-handed Pascal Schwegler (8th). With 1.5 big blind, he went for it with pocket sevens, but lost the flip to Ricardo Kunst’s A8o. Jordy Vos (7th) took his first placement points when he went down with AJo against the pocket queens from Teunis Los. Ronald Roolker (6th) then lost his last points with A5s against A6o after a six appeared on the flop.

Kickers do the job

Erwin Pleus (5th) experienced the same problem with a minor ace when he had to compete with A2o against Teunis’s A4s. A four on the flop brought bad news. The dominated Aces could not win tonight and Marcel Heemskerk (4th) maintained that trend. Of Ah4d he couldn’t hit ashjd from Peter Franken after there 7 petc10dqd5p fell on the table.

No heads up?

The 3-hander ended the tournament abruptly without a heads-up. Preflop shortie Peter was in kdetc went all-in and both Teun (met diamonda.c) as chip leader Ricardo (with js9 p) had called. The flop brought 9 hours10 hours10d where all the chips went to the center. While Peter still had a straight draw, Ricardo seemed almost unlucky against Teunis’ pocket aces. That 8 p at the turn the door opened slightly for Ricardo. He made good use of that because one fell right off 7c on the river that made Ricardo run straight. With that, he sent both Peter and Teunis out of the tournament in one fell swoop, and suddenly he was a winner of an initial round! And that in his second tournament. Teunis had a bigger stack than Peter, and they therefore finished second and third respectively.

Poker Series Online #4 – Rijswijk

Place First name Last name Tickets Points
1 Ricardo Art 4 15
2 Teunis Loose 2 10
3 Peter Frank 1 6
4 Marcel Heemskerk 1 6
5 Erwin Pleas 1 6
6 Ronald Rollers 1 6
7 Jordan Fox 1 6

The banner below will take you to the tournament page for Poker Series Online #4 – Without. Players who have participated more than once only need to log into their Pokeren.nl profile, so they can pay immediately and do not need to fill in all their details. Check out ours Poker Series Online Registration Guide For more information.

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