Cultural tips for Friesland: Casablanca, the Byzantine male choir, Ús man, Kasper Van Kooten, Ana de la Vega & Nederlands Kamerkoor and Martin Mans & Hugo van der Meij

There is plenty to do in Friesland in the coming days. Visit the sizzling dance performance ‘Casablanca’, marvel at the relationship between two women with the same ex and go on a musical adventure with ‘Kasper van Kooten and the Beat’. And this is not all. Read more soon!

Van Kooten is insatiable

Kasper Van Kooten takes you on the adventurous journeys he made with his various bands. He was a drummer who dreamed of Ahoy. But when he is on the highest podium, his dream turns out to be wrong. When Van Kooten is forced to stop acting years later, all of life’s questions force themselves relentlessly. What was he doing all these years?

Van Kooten and Beat is a swinging and candid story of love, family and an insatiable need for music based on his book, which was published last February. The music from the book comes to life in the performance as well as photo and sound material. One of his musical friends also takes part in this amusing self-portrait.

Franeker – Theater De Koornbeurs, Fri at 20.15, 22.50 euros

Ana de la Vega and the Nederlands Kamerkoor

The Nederlands Kamerkoor visits Leeuwarden with The Sealed Angel , a choral work by Russian composer Rodion Shchedrin. The book of the same name The Sealed Angel is the inspiration for this musical work about villagers protecting a sealed icon from the grasping hands of those in power.

Imposing choirs alternate this evening with a moving flute voice. The choir works with star flutist Ana de la Vega, who dominated the worldwide classical charts in 2018 with her debut album. The Sealed Angel is the latest project in the series of choral works from the Russian Orthodox tradition with which chief conductor Peter Dijkstra and the Nederlands Kamerkoor tour concert halls.

Leeuwarden – Grote or Jacobijnerkerk Fri 8.15am-9.30pm, 32.50 euros

Byzantine male choir sings to its own audience | Advertising

The Byzantine male choir Friesland sings exclusively a cappella and has 23 enthusiastic members from the three northern provinces. A varied program will be presented for this concert songs from the Eastern Orthodox Church and folk songs from Georgia and other Eastern European countries.

The conductor Nana Tchikhinashvili is also from Georgia. In addition to conducting, she is also a professional singer (mezzo-soprano), composer and teacher. She has taken her culture with her and transferred it to the choir. With her special management style, it seems as if she is singing with her hands. In addition to the choir’s performance, there will also be two instrumental intermezzos (violin with piano accompaniment) by the conductor and her daughter Ani.

Drachten – Zuiderkerk, Sat at 20, 10 euros

‘Casablanca’: passion on the dance floor

Casablanca considered by many to be one of the greatest films ever made. With the chemistry between Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman and the iconic one-liners like ‘here you look at your child’ and ‘we’ll always have Paris’, this Hollywood classic was an instant hit.

To this day, Casablanca is in the top 10 of many movie lovers. Choreographer Ed Wubbe uses the story of this 1942 film as the basis for a visual dance performance performed by the Scapino Ballet Rotterdam. Together they bring a piece about passion, freedom and desire for a better world. To this end, Wubbe forges various disciplines into an exciting whole. On a rotating stage, dance in different styles, circus elements and music create an imaginative, theatrical world. The musical starting point is the film’s iconic soundtrack with music and jazz numbers from the forties in combination with uplifting Moroccan Berber music.

Sneek – Theater Sneek, Sat 20.15, 29.50 euros

Relations on edge with shared ex | Advertising

Us man is a humorous diptych by Toneelgroep Breinroer about women looking back and forward at their relationships. In the first part, two women prepare in a hotel room for a speech to be given at their ex-husband’s wedding. The women are both exes of the same man, who are now remarrying.

In the second part, two women drink wine in the garden on a warm afternoon. They talk about their men like only women can. But with the man involved, relations are strengthened. The venom and humor complete the confusion. The performance is played on various dates and locations until the end of March. Among other things, Saturday in the Assembly House in Terherne.

Terherne – Village house De Buorkerij Sat at 20, 17.50 euros

Two church organs that blend beautifully | Advertising

Martin Mans and Hugo van der Meij play two different organs together in the Grote Kerk in Dokkum. They are two passionate organists who play impressive organ music together. This time, the unique Allen organ also provides a surprise. The sound palette is even bigger and wider.

In addition to his own improvisations, works by composers such as Young, Handel and Zwart are also performed. In this concert it is particularly good to see what happens from the organ bench; a gaming table is located downstairs in the church.

Dokkum – Grote Kerk, Fri at 20.00, 10 euros (children up to and including 15 years free)

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