Lead Auditor Quality & Processes

Lead Auditor Quality & Processes

Inspection of flower bulbs is the core task of the foundation Blomsterløgsinspektionsjenesten (BKD). They do this for both quality and quarantine violations. They carry out quality inspections, import and export inspections on behalf of the Dutch Food and Consumer Safety Authority (NVWA) and carry out laboratory research. BKD supports market access by inspecting flower bulbs at a leading quality level and provides national and international guarantees for the quality of flower bulbs. They carry out these inspections in an independent, reliable and efficient manner and are therefore an important part of the quality assurance for entrepreneurs in the flower bulb sector. BKD is an independent administrative body and carries out statutory tasks on behalf of and under the supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality (LNV). This new position has been created to further strengthen these tasks.

Lead Auditor Quality & Processes


Comply with rules and take initiatives for improvement

  • Monitor the authorization and recognition process at companies.
  • This with the aim of promoting market access and guaranteeing the quality of business processes.
  • You are authorized to issue or revoke authorizations/recognitions.
  • Design, organisation, structuring, execution and securing of the authorization/recognition visits within the field service.
  • Training and supervision of the group of colleagues who carry out authorization and approval visits on behalf of BKD.
  • Assess the processes in the companies, make recommendations.
  • Feedback findings, reporting, monitoring follow-up.


Curious and committed, you take the initiative

Job requirements

  • Experience with quality management and auditing.
  • It can be, for example, within the food or agricultural sector.
  • Completed bachelor’s or master’s degree (e.g. HAS, Food Technology, WUR).
  • Eager to learn, acquire professional knowledge and skills and to keep them up to date.
  • Ability to communicate results and conclusions in an effective manner.
  • Diplomacy, able to deal with different types of people.
  • A customer-oriented attitude and also able to draw and report difficult conclusions that may conflict with the company’s financial interests.


  • Communicative.
  • Representative.
  • Involved, involved.
  • Integer.
  • Initiative rich.
  • Networks.
  • Creatively.


Home office, 1-2 days a week at the office in Lisse. Regular visits to companies in the country.


New function with a lot of room for initiative. Terms of employment are appropriate for the position.


Flowerbulb Inspection Service has exclusively outsourced recruitment and selection for the vacant position of Lead Auditor Quality & Processes to FreshRecruitment. For more information, please contact Bob Verburg who can be reached by phone on +31(0)6 51 418 734. Applications only via www.freshrecruitment.com Comprehensive information about the organization can be found at www.bkd.eu

A personality questionnaire is part of the procedure.

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