Electric BMW i7 (2023) test: can a car be too luxurious?

The fact that the electric BMW i7 is the starting signal for the new 7 series and not a version with six or eight cylinders shows that even a boss car must keep up with the times. But watch out for the big TV screen…

The 7 Series is BMW’s driver’s license. Not only the design, but also the technology shows the way to the future. This results in breathtaking cars, such as the beautiful BMW 7 Series from 1994, which for the first time was available with GPS, curtain airbags and television.

His successor was striking in another way. Not so much because of the iDrive operation, which was initially inscrutable, but after some changes quickly became the epitome of ease of use. It was Chris Bangle who brought a breath of fresh air to the Bavarian headquarters, designing one controversial model after another. The 2001 7 Series shook conservative buyers. No one got tired of talking about the appearance, and indeed the discussion is still not over. Although the camp of fans of ‘Bangle Butt’ developed by Adrian van Hooijdonk is getting bigger every year.

BMW i7 (2023) test: why you can never call your mistress undisturbed again

2023 BMW 7 Series: Maybe some zu fell?

There has also been much discussion about the appearance of the latest BMW 7 Series. BMW frankly admits that the taste of the Chinese buyer was at the forefront of the design. Apparently they like a colossal grid there, a big black hole into which everything disappears. The headlights on both sides are relatively small, quite in keeping with the prevailing fashion. How long do we have to get used to this? Maybe we’ll still appreciate the 7 Series in 2040.

Driving BMW i7

When testing, it’s not about looks, of course. The dimensions of the 7 Series are impressive with a length of 5.4 meters (making it 13 cm longer than the old extended version) and a wheelbase of 3.2 meters. The new 7 Series is only available with a long wheelbase, with positive consequences for space.
Up front, the dash with its flat instruments takes up a bit of space, and especially at the rear right you’ll find a level of comfort that even a Charles Eames lounge chair can barely match.

BMW i7 (2023) test: why you can never call your mistress undisturbed again

i7 with Executive Pack

Our i7 is equipped with the very expensive but oh so desirable Exclusive Pack (6730 euros). After this, the passenger seat can be pushed far forward, a speaker is screwed into the rear right headrest and a footrest is placed at the bottom of the passenger seat. Got sleepy? The backrest on the passenger seat can be folded up completely and the headrest is equipped with an extra soft pillow.

First, a chair massage is also possible. Its controls are located on the armrest in the door, so you don’t have to lift a finger to take advantage of all the conveniences.

TV screen in your i7: ultimate luxury or completely unnecessary?

It will be sensational when the 31.3 inch (almost 80 cm) cinema screen slides out of the headliner. Operation is via a touch screen. The system has an HDMI interface for smartphones, game consoles and computers. So the tired director can play FIFA 2022, watch The Crown on Netflix or sit back and shiver at a Bayern Munich Bundesliga match.

Video calls with your mistress are not recommended, because half of the A2 can see via the giant screen. It is nice for the unfaithful director that the screen is positioned so that he always has a view of the windscreen, so that he does not get sick.

BMW i7 (2023) test: why you can never call your mistress undisturbed again
BMW i7 (2023) test: why you can never call your mistress undisturbed again

Together in the back seats

The driver can actually sit next to the director (m/k/them), because the BMW i7 can drive autonomously at level 2+ and take over a large part of the driving functions. In less than a year, the 7 series will be ready for level 3, and then you will hardly have to do anything yourself. At the same time, it’s a shame if you leave the work to the car, because driving yourself is still one of the things in this electric BMW The pleasure. The two electric motors produce a combined 544 hp and the maximum torque of 745 Nm can be reached at any time with the right foot. Although the BMW i7 weighs no less than 2.7 tons, it sprints from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.7 seconds and reaches a top speed of 240 km/h.

The BMW i7 is the spiritual successor to the 760 Li

BMW sees the i7’s electric motors as a spiritual successor to the V12 of yesteryear, and it shows. The sound from the drive unit can only be heard in the distance, and wind and tire noise is effectively dampened. The all-round air suspension, including optional active roll stabilization and four-wheel steering, provides majestic suspension comfort, yet sports car-level handling.

The steering is direct and the brakes have a well-defined pressure point. In addition, the chassis remains surprisingly stable, so you definitely don’t get the feeling of sitting on a rocking ship. And consumption? We arrive at 23.5 kWh/100 km, while the manufacturer’s specification is 18.4 kWh. The range is 625 kilometers with a careful right foot and under ideal conditions.

BMW i7 (2023) test: why you can never call your mistress undisturbed again

BMW 7 Series plug-in hybrid in 2023

The BMW i7 is already available and costs 141,809 euros. It is the same price as the old BMW 740 Li xDrive with 333 hp. BMW gives the buyer who is not yet ready for an electric car a breather. In 2023, two plug-in hybrids will strengthen the range. The 750e xDrive produces 490 hp and 700 Nm (price: 124,252 euros), the 760e xDrive even 571 hp and 800 Nm of torque (price: not yet known). In both versions, you can drive 80 kilometers fully electric.

Anyone who hates plugs and swears by diesel engines will have some time to get used to the new times thanks to the new 7 Series. The 7 Series is still available with a 300bhp six-cylinder turbodiesel, although it is not known how expensive this version will be. But if you are homesick for the V8, then you should move to America. Only there you can still order the 7 series with this fine engine with 544 hp.

Conclusion: BMW i7 to buy or not?

Who knows, we’ll think the BMW i7 is beautiful in twenty years. But now we have to get used to the design. Fortunately, you can’t see anything inside and the 7 Series is a hyper-modern, extremely comfortable and regal car. Even if you have so many options for mood lighting, chair massage and other partly redundant luxuries that you also need the twenty years to see it all through. Did we really want to fold out the big TV screen in the back? Mwah, actually we still prefer to be behind the wheel.

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