Israel van Dorsten, Theater Utrecht and DOX, Madoce, Jesse Redwing and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: Music, lectures, musicals and more in Friesland

Visit a dance performance by Theater Utrecht and DOX, listen to the story of Israël van Dorsten, dream away with music by Magoce, join Willy Wonka through the wonderful world of sweets or come and listen to music by Australian Jesse Redwing.

Influence from further on becomes a tidal wave

Theater Utrecht and DOX bring together an energetic, disarming and musical (dance) performance about how the past lives on in us. Just as an earthquake thousands of miles away can cause a tidal wave here, we are products of our history washed up in the present.

IN Trembling the eight performers have their personal ‘quakes’ in different places in time and on earth. Dancing, speaking and singing, they self-consciously tell their story. Together with director Casper Vandeputte, choreographers Melvin Fraenk and Çağdas Gülum and musician Tom van Wee, they examine how their story is connected to the people around them.

Drachten – Schouwburg De Lawei, Thu 20.00, 24 euros

From Australia to Holland: Jesse Redwing

Jesse Redwing is one of Australia’s most soulful and authentic rock blues musicians. He has played numerous venues across Australia and has also completed two US tours in recent years. His down-to-earth playing translates well whether he’s playing solo or with his energetic band. Jesse supported acts such as Cedric Burnside, Cold Chisel, Nic Cester (Jet) and Ana Popovic.

A song from Jesse’s debut album Crawls up the walls was featured in the popular Netflix show shooter . The second album was released last summer Light my way from. The musician is on Friday in Kunstcafé Appelscha to give away a performance.

Appelscha – Kunstcafé Appelscha, Fri 19.30, 18 euros, incl. 1 drink

Israel van Dorsten guest on Alles Rondom Taal

Israel van Dorsten is present in Oosterwolde on Thursday for a literary evening. The book came out recently We were, I am. Away from the Ruinerwold about the gripping story of the children of Ruinerwold who were trapped in their father’s farm for years. On Sunday, October 13, 2019, Israel left the farm where he had been held for years and entered a cafe in Ruinerwold. In that moment he broke free from his father’s religious world, which had controlled him for twenty-five years.

The literary evening of Alles Rondom Taal, part of the Kunstwerf Foundation, is about this book. You can register for the lecture via

Oosterwolde – Stellingwerf College, Thu at 20.00, 10 euros

Listen to Magoce during dinner

At Podium Lewinski you can eat regularly while listening to music from the most diverse artists. Lewinski offers a stage for new talent, special stories or hitherto hidden treasures in the cultural sector. On Thursday, Magoce will be on stage in Sneek. Her songs are romantic odes to love, cast in a mix of blues, soul and a touch of the Balkans. The singer takes you on a journey of passion, melancholy and nostalgia. In this one-woman show, she performs songs from her first album Brave .

In addition, she also plays brand new material from the second album, which is currently under way. By the way, Magoce is not completely alone on stage; her beloved violin is also present. The kitchen is open between 6 and 19:30. A meal can be reserved through the ticket service, which can be found at Any dietary requirements or allergies can be notified to the kitchen in advance. Visitors can make a free contribution to the music. The Magoce concert can of course also be visited without dinner.

Sneek – Podium Lewinski, Thursday at 18-21, free, dinner €17.50 pp

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory | Advertising

Roahl Dahl’s most popular book comes to life in De Harmonie on 28 and 29 January. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a musical full of fun and exciting characters, an enchanting setting and music. The musical tells the familiar story of Charlie, who acquires one of the golden tickets that gives him access to Willy Wonka’s mysterious chocolate factory.

This mysterious chocolate maker turns the coveted trip into a real test to determine who will be his successor. As the audience, you go on an adventure in the chocolate factory and you get an insight into the special manager of Willy Wonka, played by Remko Vrijdag. With a live orchestra and sparkling music, the Broadway feel is complete.

Leeuwarden – De Harmonie, Sat 2.30pm and 7.30pm, Sun 2.30pm, €27.50

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