NNO with solo prodigy, Kai Strauss, Steven Kazàn & Jamie and more. Excursions in Groningen and Drenthe

Listen to a seventeen-year-old prodigy or Kai Strauss, visit the performance of Steven Kazàn & Jamie or De Salon in Oosterpoort or come and see the performance We Want it All by Emio Greco and Pieter C.

Seventeen year old prodigy solos

That North Holland Orchestra player That Second Piano Concerto from Tchaikovsky. This piece is less well known than the first, but the question is whether it is justified. At least the Russian composer had taken good care of the work, because the pianist who was to perform it had previously wiped the floor with him. The seventeen-year-old prodigy Yoav Levanon performs as a soloist. The work of Richard Strauss will also be shown this evening.

His orchestral works are often compared to films: you can often clearly distinguish the individual anecdotes. Strauss was not the first to do this, but he proved to be an almost unrivaled grandmaster. becomes of him Don Juan where the adventures of the legendary womanizer are played out.

Assen – Theater DNK, Fri at 20, 32.50 euros

Dancers dance to Bach and Queen

Choreographer duo Emio Greco and Pieter C. Scholten celebrate their more than twenty-five years of collaboration of We want it all . This performance consists of the finales of eleven of the nearly sixty works they did together. This piece shows that an ending is not something defined, but the prelude to a new beginning. An ending is an ending, but also one and . The dancers dance to music that varies from Bach to Queen. Sometimes theatrical and then sober.

The junior dancers in ICK-Next from Amsterdam have a prominent role. They embody the new age and disappear and appear between the ensemble dancers, like fresh running water. Thanks to these young dancers, there is always a new perspective. This dynamic performance is an excellent opportunity to see the diversity of ICK-Next’s dance material.

Groningen – SPOT/De Oosterpoort, Saturday at 20.15, 25.50 euros

Kai Strauss plays the blues from the heart

It’s almost hard to believe that Kai Strauss is a blues musician from Germany and not from Chicago or Memphis. Strauss grew up musically in the German blues stronghold Osnabrück and over the past 25 years has gained a solid place in the small circle of European blues musicians.

After several years of touring Europe with harmonica player Memo Gonzalez, he became the bandleader of Kai Strauss & The Electric Blues All Stars in 2014. The musicians play high-energy electric blues as they should be: from the heart and imbued with emotion and feeling. With a good sense of atmosphere, the band immediately draws the audience into their music.

Peize – Café Ensing, Sun at 16.15 euros (children from 12 to 16 years 7.50 euros)

Magic show with dry humor

The quasi-unpleasant videos that Steven Kazàn & Jamie released during the corona period were viewed millions of times in a short time. What you first experienced online, you can now experience live in a family-friendly show full of dry humor, interaction and magic. It is immediately clear that the apple does not fall far from the tree in the Kazan house.

Looking for a light-hearted afternoon of entertainment, then there you are Bye Bye in the right place.

Stadskanaal – Theater Geert Teis, Sun 2.30pm, 10 euros

Musicians sing, dance, cry and laugh

Enjoy famous musicians and interesting conversations in a relaxed setting in the Salonen, a series of SPOT/De Oosterpoort. In this fourth edition receives presenter and journalist Jellie Brouwer writer Marieke Lucas Rijneveld. Rijneveld made his debut with the poetry collection, which has been reprinted several times Veal membrane . This was followed by three more poetry collections and his debut novel The evening is discomfort . The conversation is interspersed with performances by the idiosyncratic orchestra Holland Baroque and the sheng player Wu Wei. The musicians dare to sing, dance, cry and laugh on their instruments. All this from tradition, innovation, surprise and a touch of entertainment.

Wu Wei’s style is completely in line with this. Wu Wei is one of the most important sheng players worldwide today. Like Holland Baroque, he is both an innovator and a guardian of old traditions. Sometimes silky smooth and other times energetic, he brings sounds from old Europe and China with Holland Baroque. The musicians pay tribute to today’s baroque.

Groningen – SPOT/De Oosterpoort, on Sundays, 34.50 euros (children up to and including 29 years 12.50 euros)

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