Six ArtEZ artists exhibit at Galerie Zelhem


ZELHEM – Six young artists from ArtEZ, the art academy in Arnhem, are showing their work at Galerie Zelhem from 4 February to 18 March 2023. In contemporary art and for students, this means an introduction to a gallery. For the gallery and its visitors, it provides a surprising picture of the development. The opening of the exhibition is Saturday, February 4, 2023 at 5 p.m. in Galerie Zelhem above the library. The artists will explain their work.

The idea behind the design of this exhibition is to make it an annual project. The gallery hopes to be able to invite a new group of students each time and thus create an opportunity to create an exhibition together.

Intensive contacts with the participating artists have now led to a very interesting exhibition with a wide range of forms of visual art. The young artists have found their inspiration in paintings, installations, spatial work, photography, woodcuts and film stills. Their work is the result of an in-depth study of a subject, thought or theme or in the material, often in relation to the artist himself.

Star Fermin, explores in a playful, poetic way the human position vis-à-vis other bodies. What are power relations and hierarchical structures. In her art, including projects with photography, she shows how the tension between her as an artist and her surroundings makes her aware of her presence in the landscape.

Yep stalls, fourth-year visual arts student at ArtEZ, works from a fragmented and absurdist view of the world. His approach to art manifests itself as an intuitive game, where boundaries are blurred and separate parts form new connections with each other. In his studio, sculptures and installations are created that resemble an anatomical unit, while at the same time experiencing an underlying incongruity.

Jamell Saman, a fourth-year student, creates large-scale paintings that seem to tell a story, and in fact myths, ancient folktales, legends, religious traditions are an inexhaustible source of inspiration and archetypal wisdom for Jamell. He actualizes these stories and visualizes them into a personal work of art. It is as if he himself is playing a role in his painted story.

Tare the water Bout, as she immersed herself in death and transience, a form of theater as an art form emerged as she worked. And even now, when she artistically investigates the topic of sexuality, she sees the theatrical as an opportunity to make art. Her installations show the theatrical aspect of her work in a surprising way.

Levon Zoomer is fascinated by water. “How does water connect our body to the environment we are in, what memories does water evoke in our body?” How does the movement of water relate to the movement of the human body and to the environment in which these bodies are located? Exciting images show these thoughts and ideas in an artful way.

Levi Overwest deals with large subjects that concern him on an individual level: such as mortality, law, good and evil, violence, culture, history and love. He then translates these subjects into images through paintings, collages or sculptures. The subjects of his works are indicated and not explicitly explained. The concept of ‘open image’ is important to Levi as an image without conclusions. The interpretation must come from the viewer. A fascinating challenge!

Interested parties are cordially invited to the opening. The exhibition lasts until 18 March and can be seen during Zelhem library’s opening hours.

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