Strategic management consultant

Strategic management consultant

What do you want to do?
We do not outline an ‘average working day’ here, because we like to shape the tasks together with you. But also because, often at the behest of the management and board of B&W, we carry out many varying activities that we cannot see coming in advance.

The core of your work consists of connecting the board, the outside world and the legal regulations. This requires your creativity and the necessary ‘thinking’. You collaborate with the council and the executive board, the official organisation, other authorities, residents and other parties in society. You work in the dynamics of the administrative and political game and the changing relationship between administration and society. In your counseling and also in the way you approach people, you bring different backgrounds together and bridge apparent or seeming opposites.

Among other things, you can think of the following tasks:

  • You are responsible for advising the board on strategic topics, such as (regional) administrative cooperation and related parties, the municipal law in its significance for the political-administrative function and, from a legal perspective, the framework in areas such as openness and confidentiality, participation and participation in referendums, neighborhood councils , citizens’ initiatives and citizens’ councils.
  • You advise on administrative matters that play a role in the relationship between government and the market.
  • You provide insight into how European legislation and politics affect the municipality, and what opportunities (and threats) the EU offers for the realization of ambitions.
  • You advise on administrative decisions, including the relationship between the various administrative bodies and the application of information and accountability obligations. You will of course work closely with the registry.
  • Finally, you work with the Legal Concern Officer to monitor the legal quality of actions.

Where do you come to work?
This is a new position that is currently located in the Group Control department. It will eventually be decided whether the position should continue to be part of this department, or whether a position in another department is more suitable. Concerncontrol employs several lawyers, such as the legal data officer, the data protection officer and the strategic procurement officer. Since this is a new feature, not everything is set in stone yet. Together with you, we look at the precise interpretation of this role. We always do this based on personal interest and characteristics.

Our team and our department have a unique position in the organization. We work closely with many other departments, the clerk’s office, management and councilors and are sparring partners for management, management and the board. The department supports both municipalities in realizing their goals and programs with (economic) analyzes and advice. For an impression of our department, see: Working at Concerncontrol

Working for the municipality of Haarlem means working for a large city (166,000 inhabitants) with great ambitions in sustainability and innovation, in a historic workplace right in the center. Our ambition and commitment are also recognized in Europe. For example, Haarlem has recently developed European Rising Innovative City Award 2022 won from the EU. Since 2018, the municipalities of Haarlem and Zandvoort have officially merged. This means that you work for both a city and a village, each with their own culture, characteristics and challenges. Our core values ​​are: involved, open and driven. We stand for good mutual cooperation, flexible work attitude and mutual respect. In addition to hard work, there is room for humor and fun.

Have we piqued your interest, but do you want to get to know the team in an accessible way first? You are welcome to visit us for a non-binding cup of coffee. Prefer digital? No problem, we work hybrid. Call or email Cathérine Konijnenbelt (, 06-14369678) to make an appointment.

Who are we looking for?
We are looking for a colleague who seeks connections inside and outside the department, and who knows how to use these connections with conviction to achieve better results together. A colleague who likes to develop and finds it a challenge to respond to rapid social changes and municipal tasks and responsibilities.

  • You have a university degree in public administration or law, with an emphasis on constitutional and administrative law.
  • You have at least 5 years’ experience in a similar position in a political-administrative organisation.
  • You also have organizational sensitivity, persuasiveness, decisiveness, decisiveness and strong communication skills. You use these skills to think in terms of possibilities, to monitor frameworks and to keep your back straight under pressure.
  • Colleagues describe you as a connecting, proactive advisor. You have an open approach and like to think about possibilities, but you also monitor frameworks and at the same time keep a straight back under pressure.
  • You are an independent professional who prefers collaboration to solve problems.

Also apply if you believe that you are at least as suitable with your knowledge and skills, but do not meet all of the points above.

What do we offer?

  • We believe that personal growth is important and offer many opportunities for this. Think about following courses, certifications and other courses through our ‘Academy Haarlem’. We also offer career coaching and are happy to think with you about your development path in the organisation.
  • An employment contract of 32-36 hours per week. You start with an annual contract, which we are happy to convert into a permanent contract if it works well. The days are negotiable as well as the possibility of hybrid work. You get a mobile phone and a laptop or tablet.
  • The salary depends on experience and education and amounts to a maximum of €6,103 gross per month (scale 12) for a full-time position in a 36-hour working week (excl. 17.05% Individual Choice Budget).
  • The municipality of Haarlem naturally offers a good package of fringe benefits such as flexible working hours, purchase or sale of holiday days, reimbursement of travel expenses, etc.
  • We work with a great diversity of people. Different in culture, age, sexual orientation, gender, mental and physical condition and religion. We want to use the power of the diversity and talents of our employees to achieve good results in all areas for the residents of Haarlem and Zandvoort and create a place where everyone feels at home.

You can apply for the above position until 22 February 2023 via our site You will receive a response from us within 2 weeks.
For more information about the position, please contact Martin Jonker, Concern Control department manager, 06-46215048 or
Questions regarding the application procedure can be addressed to

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