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DINXPERLO – VVNF holds its annual cultural evening in the Kulturhuset on Saturday 4 February. A varied program with ‘something for every taste’ is on the menu.

By Marijke Verschoor-Boele

The cultural committee of VVFN, consisting of Anne van Velden (‘they say I’m chairman’), Esther Nederlof, Marga Schoppers, Corry Berendsen and Willy Freriks, is organizing this for the fifth time. “In previous years, the cultural evening was in April, but a lot has already been organized, so we decided to hold our cultural evening in February,” says Esther. “We used to organize a theater night at this time, but not this year,” adds Anne. “We are going to do something stage-like in November or December this year. Something on the spot for Christmas and Scrooge, but you’ll hear about that later.”
“We were able to put together a varied program again this year,” says Corry. “We have to taste culture from the region again. After a central start in the main hall, people go in four groups to four different places in the Kulturhuset for four 20-minute performances.”
“The advantage of this is that the performances are short, so if you don’t like something, there is something else on the menu after 20 minutes,” says Esther. “And… you always go past the bar to get a beer”, laughs Willy.
“The special thing about our concept is that people often see or hear something they don’t know and that they didn’t expect to like,” notes Marga. “People often think they don’t like classical music, but then they hear something with us and enjoy it anyway.”
The menu varies this year from an intimate performance with guitar by Yara Beeks, violin playing by Tim Brackman, DanzArte with a passionate performance to REVOLVER with songs from the 1960s. During the break and afterwards, the Achterhoek folk band Lads ‘n Lassies guarantee an atmospheric folk party .

Yara Becks
After winning and participating in several talent shows, Yara released her first single ‘Only love’ in 2018 at the age of 13. This was a collaboration with English singer/songwriter Mike Toole. From then on, her love for the country deepened. Yara writes and sings about everyday life, which is recognizable to everyone.

Violinist Tim Brackman
Tim Brackman (1993) started playing the violin at the age of five. He earned his master’s degree at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague and then studied at the Accademia Musicale Santa Cecilia in Italy. Tim is now in great demand as a musician in various ensembles, and he performs as a soloist with various orchestras.

Dance is a universal phenomenon that connects people. The goal of DanzArte is to let people enjoy dancing and pass on the passion for dance. During the culture evening, DanzArte performs with various dance acts, led by Magali Tiemersma and Tom Nieuwenweg.

The band Revolver takes you back to the late sixties with only great songs from the Beatles. The band name REVOLVER stands for fireworks, where they knock the seams out of the stage.

Boys and girls
Achterhoekse Folkband Lads ‘n Lassies play Irish and Scottish folk traditions and modern folk. From quiet ballads to uptempo folk songs. They perform during the break and after the program.
The evening is free for members of VVNF. You must bring your membership card. For non-members, the entrance is five euros and full is full! The room can accommodate 250 people. The doors open at 19:30 and the program begins at 20:00. Everyone is welcome.

Royal day
“VVNF also has two announcements about the program in April,” says Esther. “We no longer organize an evening program in the tent on King’s Day. Our experience is that it is often less busy then. We want to extend the program a little more during the day and would like to preserve the atmosphere of the village on the terraces.”
“We are also busy preparing the theme/evening in the tent. This year the theme is ‘Achterhoek Aften’. We’re not telling you what that means yet…”

More information on VVNF’s website.


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