FROM: Tim Walker, Wonderful things – an enchanting exhibition

Published: December 8, 2022 • Reading time: 4 minutes and 6 seconds • News This autumn, Hall 1 of the Kunsthallen takes you into the imaginative dream world of English fashion photographer Tim Walker. In this exhibition you will be overwhelmed by absurdist and surrealist photography in different colorful spaces. On Tuesday afternoon, November 23, … Read more

Old starchitects –

Oh yes, the old star architects. People love it. You know what you’re getting and it’s always spectacular. If you ask Frank Gehry you get a complicated icon, if you ask David Chipperfield you get a minimalist box made of natural stone and with Tadao Ando geometric shapes in walls of exposed concrete. If you’re … Read more

Photographer Jan Koster’s beautifully stylized highways

Photographer Jan Koster: ‘The A44 is my favorite motorway. It is old, dates from the 1930s and has a high concrete edge that gives the viaduct a sculptural value.’Picture Suzanne Biederberg Gallery Jan Koster’s new picture series BV Netherlands began with the view from his apartment of Dr. JM den Uyl bridge in Zaandam. After … Read more

Brussels government approves permit NMBS buildings Fonsnylaan

“The project is of architectural excellence. Tri Postal, has great heritage value and will be preserved and upgraded, regaining its soul. The building is complemented by a modern eye-catcher. A beautiful combination of old and new. And for me it also symbolizes Brussels, where we respects our past, but must also look to the future … Read more

an ode to the nightlife of Haarlem

Scene from ‘Rhythm of the Night’ by Rineke Dijkstra.Picture Rineke Dijkstra The black tattoo on his pale neck is the only thing that stands out about his appearance. His haircut is cheap, maybe cut by his mother. His brown T-shirt and jeans are everyday camo clothing. But when the beats sound and the tempo picks … Read more

Art on Sunday | Victory Boogie Woogie

M&M went away for a long weekend and visited three museums. Maybe a bit much for a weekend, but the weather was not good: it was cold, it was windy, it was raining and we stayed at the coast. So the beach and the dunes had to wait until summer. And because we are human, … Read more

The bourgeois world in focus in the drawings of ‘Jantje’, alter ego of the Jewish artist Felix Hess

The Jewish artist Felix Hess (1878-1943) was with the cartoons he drew for twenty years for That Green Amsterdammer the enfant terrible of the Dutch press. Historian Sytze van der Veen reconstructs his life in the book Felix Hess, Jantje world. Marjolijn de Cocq3 December 202203:00 One Sunday in 1916, the artist Felix Hess witnessed … Read more