‘I was already running a business when I was eleven. My mother drove the truck to transport everything’

‘I was already running a business when I was eleven.  My mother drove the truck to transport everything’

Festival Loveland celebrates its 25th anniversary this weekend in Sloterparken. Marnix Bal (1974) is the founder and CEO of Loveland Events. A keyword based interview about a DJ career at the age of 14, EDM and ideal festival weather. Peter van Brummelen13 August 202203:00 Haarlem “Born and raised. I come from a caring family with … Read more

‘Helmets Full of Stories’ shows the impact of a peace mission in works of art

The exhibition Helmets full of stories started just before the summer at a secured military site between Arnhem and the Hoge Veluwe National Park. In a steel hangar at Deelen Air Base, the helicopters were exchanged for paintings, photographs, sculptures, tapestries and installations for a day. Enlarged advertisements hung on the high outer walls of … Read more

Statement | A university of art

More and more artists are getting a diploma. Measurable skills have been tested, discussed and found in order from propaedeutic year to final exam. Being an artist is therefore a profession, and according to many more than that. It is the hardest subject there is, because where other studies lead to a place on the … Read more

Voluptuous women and mountain waters that you can almost hear rushing

Rain, herons and beautiful women. Subtly depicted, these are well represented in the exhibition d Shin hangaJapanese for ‘new prints’, in the Japan Museum Sieboldhuis in Leiden. The ‘new print’ was an attempt by Japanese publishers to modernize the old Japanese tradition of woodblock printing after the island emerged from its isolation around 1900. No … Read more

Iranian executioners star in “There Is No Evil”.

Javad (Mohammad Valizadegan) and girlfriend Nana (Mahtab Servati) in the chapter ‘Birthday’: a narrative that is unusually sensual for Iranian cinema.Picture – After China, Iran is the country with the most death sentences in the world per capita – many hundreds a year, according to human rights groups. The latest Iranian movie Ballad of a … Read more

20th edition ‘Art in the village 2022’ with 44 artists

On 10, 11, 16, 17 and 18 September 2022, 44 artists from all Flemish provinces and the Netherlands will exhibit in and around the castle-cloister Ter Loo in Bellingen. Martine Hennebel, Katleen Van Huffel, Ann Geirnaerdt, Johan Goossens, Stefanie Schaut, Michel Janssens, Fons van Loon, Christina Bellemans, Ilia Vromman, Kristin Van Nuffel, Bjorn Ghijssels Freas, … Read more