Cédric Cuvereau and Francis Vanhee: “We want to connect art in all its forms”

Ichtegem presents a refreshing art event this summer. From the art route in which local artists such as Irénée Duriez and Mia Moreaux have participated for years, the new SPOOR Art Festival is now growing: Along Groene 62, in churches, meadows and gardens, art in its various guises finds a place. Francis Vanhee and Cédric Cuvereau have grown up together in the municipality and are now involved in this cultural project with a high connection factor.

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In Venice, Marlene Dumas preaches a soft revolution

I have now been back from Venice for about three weeks, and although there are a lot of good new works on display at the Biennale, the Marlene Dumas exhibition in Palazzo Grassi in particular continues to haunt me. I’m ashamed of that too. Because hey, Dumas has been one of the most acclaimed painters … Read more

National Bank shows the value of art

June 15, 2022 today at 17:46 The National Bank of Belgium and the Banco de España have joined forces for the exhibition ‘(Un) Common Values, Two Business Collections of Modern Art’. She shows how the two central banks support contemporary artists. The National Bank of Belgium is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its art collection … Read more

A rice barn as a laboratory for the future

When Documenta was founded in 1955 by the artist Arnold Bode, he wanted to bring the world into dialogue again. Every four – and later five – years, Western views on artistic freedom, individuality, and universality were celebrated, and he chose a city close to the Iron Curtain: Kassel. This year’s Documenta is organized by … Read more

The underground art must meet the barbarism

On March 20, 1961, Marcel Duchamp gave a talk on ‘Where are we going from here?’ where he predicted that artists would “go underground” in the future. The reason for this, he argued, was that art was ‘degenerate’, transformed into a gigantic artistic production determined solely by supply and demand. This commercialization of art, in … Read more

Talking lizards, Australian misery and black cowboys

Image from the very successful ‘2 Lizards’ by Meriem Bennani and Orian Barki.Statue of Hans Wilschut Of all the corona works of art that we have been poured over us over the last two years, 2 lizards (2020) to the minority that will still exist ten years from now. In eight short, animated films, we … Read more

Art as an antidote, for everyone

Culture June 10, 2022 Reading time of about 4 minutes 0 reactions The power of culture is to give life meaning, value, interpretation and enjoyment. According to the Cultural Council, this became even clearer during the corona measures. Culture must therefore be accessible to Dutch people of all backgrounds. One of the instruments to achieve … Read more

In costume – The Green Amsterdammer

Claude Cahun & Marcel Moore, Untitled (Cahun with mirror image), 1928. 107 mm x 82 mm Jersey Heritage Collections Claude Cahun poses in a picture as a weightlifter. She has pursed her lips and drawn hearts on her cheeks. On her sweater there are dots where her nipples are, between them it says: ‘I’m in … Read more