Centric board consists only of ‘confidential’ Gerard Sanderink: ‘Politics must intervene’

Unrest again at one of Gerard Sanderink’s companies. Three directors of the ICT company Centric resign. Experts are concerned about the stability of the company because many governments rely on Centric for their software. The three CEOs of Centric have resigned after a conflict with Sanderink. He would have used his company to avoid having … Read more

The art of going out alone

After nearly two years of limiting nightlife, FOMO is officially back and there is a sweaty hedonism in the air that was not there in 2019 when it was common to go out. But what if your friends are not eager to dance to every beat within a 30km radius? Before you get the idea … Read more

Nico Sturm: “I also seek comfort in art”

Nico Sturm have busy days. Most recently, he succeeded Reinhilde Decleir at the social theater company ‘Tutti Fratelli’ in Antwerp. The actress was the driving force, the director, the founder, the trigger. In short: the bridge builder of ‘Tutti Fratelli’. Today Reinhilde died two months ago. Long before she left, she asked Nico if he … Read more

Wassenaarders.nl | This week in the Voorschoten-Wassenaar library

This week and in the coming period there is a lot to experience at the library. Presentation Women in balance in Voorschoten libraryMultitasking, a full agenda with a demanding job, social activities, sports, caring for family and parents, fluctuating hormones …. How do you stay in balance as a woman?Transitional consultant Janny Ledeboer and Alexander … Read more

Artist visits during the Pentecost weekend

Fri June 3, 9:02 am Culture HEMRIK Various forms of art, indoors and outdoors, remote or in the middle of a village. 22 artists show their work and methods during the Art Route Opsterland during the Whitsun weekend. sah! got a taste of Truus van Dalsem, participating artist and member of the organizing working group … Read more

Haalderen has been making art with clay for 75 years

30 May 2022 at 08.00 Lead Picture 1: Lead image TXT 1: Mrs. Duif from Haalderen on her way to her dovecote. Photo: Omroep Gelderland Main picture 2: Lead image TXT 2: The tractor dealer from Farmhouse gets into his Mercedes. Photo: Omroep Gelderland Management picture 3: Lead image TXT 3: The youth in Haalderen … Read more

SINKSEN22 is more than a party and also brings art

In addition to a lot of partying with dozens of performances, dance inaugurations and DJs in several places in the city, with SINKSEN22 there is also room for the modest and hopeful enjoyment of a classical concert or an exhibition: this a few iconic places in the city: de Vonke, Broeltoren 1 and Carmel Monastery.

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