The film Eilanden Expresse from 1954 about Rotterdam’s steam tram can be seen again

January 17, 3:29 p.m. General read 408 times Rotterdam – ‘Eilanden Expresse’ is a well-played documentary by Joop Stolk about a journey by steam tram by RTM from Rotterdam to Hellevoetsluis. Public transport of the time. With footage of in and near the tram and stations Rosestraat op Zuid in Rotterdam, Rhoon and Spijkenisse. Bas … Read more

Construction of Maasvlakte 2 wind farm with 22 wind turbines for limited (temporary) recreation

March 20, 6:25 p.m. General read 263 times Rotterdam – Construction of the Maasvlakte 2 wind farm has recently started. In order to work safely, the extensive or so-called sports beach, the adjacent Princess Maximaweg and the cycle path are closed for the time being. Maasvlakteweg will continue to be accessible for car and local … Read more

Job, Joris and Marieke: A triple life

Job, Joris and Marieke are by far the most famous animators in the Netherlands. Kunsthal in Rotterdam dedicates an exhibition to the trio that works as designers: with sharp ideas and a clear, immediately recognizable visual language. Woman plays a record and finds out that the vinyl directly affects her life. She goes back and … Read more

How art makes visible the effects of digital technology – Algemeen Nijmegen Studentenblad

Digitization is changing the world around us. This week, art teacher Marijke Goeting obtained her PhD degree at Radboud University with her research in contemporary art, reflecting on new media and technologies. ‘Artists can visualize the impact of digital technology.’ ‘Digital technology affects our perception, interaction with others and identity’, explains Marijke Goeting, lecturer in … Read more

Between Art and Kitsch: Museum Kranenburgh – Realistic Art – Between Art and Kitsch

Between Art and Kitsch / April 20, 2022 In the broadcast on Wednesday 20 April 2022 from Museum Kranenburgh, Pieter Jorissen assesses plexiglass prototypes, Bas Hesselink receives a diorama at the table and Rob Driessen assesses a picture of a camel driver. zoomplexiglass Ad Dekkers Presentation: prototypes Origin: Amsterdam Creator: Ad Dekkers Date: 1973 Material: … Read more