Culture and city: ‘Brussels needs a house of reflection’

Sociologist Rudi Laermans and (legal) philosopher Laurent de Sutter will soon shed their light in Bozar on cultural Brussels, which is competing for the title of European Capital of Culture in 2030. “Reducing culture to some local animation to restore our social fabric is not downright ambitious.” Sociologist, born in 1957, was affiliated with KU … Read more

De Volkskrant TV selection for Thursday 8 December

[De echte Katherine Johnson, de NASA-wiskundige die in Hidden Figures wordt gespeeld door Taraji P. Henson, overleed in 2020 op 101-jarige leeftijd.] Janelle Monáe, Taraji P. Henson and Octavia Spencer in ‘Hidden Figures’ by Theodore Melfi. [REPORTAGE] Zembla NPO 2, 20.27 With solar meadows and wind farms, the Netherlands is firmly on the way to … Read more

The first park director in the Netherlands

With every tree, every blade of grass, even in the park near the Euromast, people feel an enormous commitment, notes the new park director Nienke van Wijk (47). Right in the Parqiet, the old carriage house in the park, a man interrupted her. He was disappointed by the dichotomy he thought he saw in the … Read more

Dossier Newcomers | Europe is a museum

“The market is like a water bed. Not only is it true that new entrants are stealing market share from the existing brands, the market as a whole only has room for about forty brands plus a few niche players. CadillacIt has proven to be the optimum worldwide, and this means that each new brand … Read more

Wannes Cappelle and Nicolas Callot pour West Flemish sauce on Mozart: “Enrichment for cultural landscape”

With ‘Verslegen nevest gie’, the musicians Wannes Cappelle and Nicolas Callot go on tour in Flanders again from Friday 9 December. After making a West Flemish version of certain Schubert songs, the two now tackle Mozart. “It’s fantastic that as a musician you can recreate that work, even more than just interpreting it.”

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Patricio Guzmán, Chile’s cinematic conscience, leaves his country’s future to women

Patricio Guzmán during the filming of ‘Mi país imaginario’. ‘A country without documentaries is like a family without a photo album.’ This statement by Patricio Guzmán, taken from an interview with New York Times from 2002, encapsulates the Chilean documentarian’s life mission so well that for years it has been at the top of his … Read more