Stimulation of art and culture

With thirty colorful flags on the corner of Engelendaal and Laan van Berendrecht, a clear message was sent on Saturday 14 May: Art and culture in Leiderdorp must become more visible, multicolored and more dynamic. By: Corrie van der Laan Several dozen local cultural providers were gathered here at 12.00 to launch the campaign ‘Leiderdorp … Read more

How important is dance as an art form to Indian society?

“It’s very difficult to talk about Indian dance in general,” says co-initiator of the festival’s choreographer Kálpana Raghuraman in NOS For tomorrow’s purposes† “There are so many different shapes, there are so many different kinds of styles.” Styles In the classic style, the ends of the body are very important. “The head, feet and hands … Read more

No one does mysteries like Kendrick Lamar, the mythical hero Black America needs and needs

The whole world, even outside of music, is talking about Kendrick Lamar. The critically acclaimed and award-winning rapper released a new album after five years, Sir. Moral & The Big Stepperswhich garnered five-star reviews as well as criticism. Robert van Gijssel and Gunter Van AsscheMay 21, 202203:00 Kendrick Lamar was already the most studied rapper … Read more

It is hoped that this book on the horrors of the Syrian Gulag will soon be translated ★★★★ ☆

Statue of Silvia Celliberti The Syrian station Radio Damascus had a regular program on Saturday night for years, Our children around the world† Fathers and mothers summoned presenter Amal al-Daqqaq to share their grief over their children abroad. Mustafa was in Canada, Tawfiq in France for his studies, how would they be? What not everyone … Read more

Surrealism as a weapon against nationalism

The movement arose shortly after World War I and some painters processed trauma by wanting to escape from reality. The German painter Max Ernst (1891-1976) and the French poet Paul Éluard (1895-1952), for example, had themselves been in the trenches (as enemies, they became friends after the war); Breton and the French poet Louis Aragon … Read more