Unique quantum materials could enable ultra-powerful compact computers

Chromium sulfide bromide crystallizes in thin layers that can be peeled off and stacked to create nanoscale devices. Columbia researchers have found that the electronic and magnetic properties of this material are linked – a finding that could enable both basic research and potential applications in x-electronics. Credit: Myung Geun Han and Yummy Zoo In … Read more

Prof. dr. Rabaey: ‘Get rid of traditional, digital and deterministic thinking’

ENGINEERINGNET.BE – Professor Rabaey (photo) is invariably focused on the future. This is how it has been for decades: He has been called a visionary more than once. In the mid-1990s, for example, he developed a predecessor to the iPad: the Infopad. Today, he focuses on the convergence and fusion of humans and technology in, … Read more

The Supreme Court also offers taxpayers legal protection for compensation aimed at restoring rights following a massive opposition procedure in box 3

Box 3 judgment of 24. December 2021 In its judgment of 24 December 2021 on the massive objection issue in Box 3, the Supreme Court ruled that the fixed scheme in Box 3, which has been in force at system level since 2017, is contrary to property rights and the principle of equality from the … Read more

the algorithm determines if you get the job

Image EPA Team leader Charlotte welcomes applicants in the hall of the Arvato call center in Venlo. After a short tour, she puts the upcoming phone employees to work with a smile. They write emails with the greatest concentration, helping fictitious customers who call dissatisfied and solving geometric puzzles. ‘That intelligence test was pretty tough, … Read more

The Netherlands is at the forefront of the race to create the world’s first quantum computer

To cure deadly diseases, to make deserts fertile, to understand gravity: the quantum computer will soon be capable of it all. Current computers will fade next to it. Companies like Google, IBM, Microsoft and the EU are investing billions to be the first to have a properly functioning quantum computer. He who succeeds in it … Read more

Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen: ‘The era of’ just trust us ‘is over’

May 14, 2022 today at 04:00 Breakfast with Time. Internet platforms are already having a hard time monitoring excesses, so the Facebook whistleblower fears for the security of the metaverse. But she is not pessimistic. Frances Haugen is still standing in front of the stove as she participates in the Teams conversation. Her voice is … Read more