Computer or recruiter: “Algorithms also discriminate”

“Hi Siri, find a candidate.” More and more companies are using software to find and screen employees. It sounds good, but there is also a downside, says women’s rights organization WOMEN Inc., which has recently researched to do† Several experts discussed the disadvantage this week. “The algorithms behind many tools and applications are human creations,” … Read more

Only test the law against proportionality if the legislator has not considered everything

Background At the request of the chairman of the administrative jurisdiction department, Snijders issued a conclusion in two lawsuits to apply for childcare benefit too late. Although both parents meet all material requirements to receive childcare benefit for the entire period, according to the Tax Authorities / Supplementary Benefits, they are only entitled to partial … Read more

Natural language processing: GPT-3 and other developments

Computers that understand, supplement, and even produce ‘ordinary’ human texts out of thin air: it no longer belongs to the future. Recent developments show that the best models can do phenomenally well. Natural Language Processing (NLP) is an area of ​​expertise that focuses on the interplay between computers and the human language. Using computer science … Read more

Hacked and held hostage: how MediaMarkt negotiated with ransomware criminals

Ransomware is having an increasing impact on our society, but not much is known about how these cybercriminals operate, professionalize their work, and put pressure on victims. RTL Nieuws gives for the first time an exclusive behind-the-scenes look: computers held hostage It’s Monday, November 8, 2021, when MediaMarkt’s computers are suddenly locked. The company asks … Read more

Initiator of the Digital Academy Northern Netherlands Robin van den Berg: Digital illiteracy goes through all ages and education

The digital skills of many residents of northern Holland need to be improved. It is crucial for the future, says Robin van den Berg. Anyone who thinks it’s a mustache is wrong. Northerners and computers are not always a successful marriage. An example presents itself easily, says Van den Berg, initiator of the Digital Academy … Read more

Futurewatch: what to do with quantum technology today

Extremely faster computers, hypersensitive sensors and ultra-fast secure communication: These are the big promises of a new generation of technology that is currently under development: quantum technology (QT). In the FutureWatch section, Maurits Kreijveld discusses market developments. What will change? What does the future hold? Marketingfacts’ in-house futurist will tell you. Imagine that within a … Read more