Public trust in science is being abused

Public trust in science is being abused

Public trust in science being abused – Wynia’s Week Week 32 – 2022 Public trust in science is being abused ‘SCIENCE’ Arnout Jaspers: That it is ‘very bad’ with nature is not a scientific fact, but just one lie | FOOD CULTURE We are too fat because we want to eat cheap and does not … Read more

Floriade shows hope in the age of climate change

After all, there are all kinds of fun and relevant things to see at the green World Exhibition in Almere, says the landscape architect, who was already involved in 5 of the 7 Floriades. Like the research that TU Delft is doing in the Climate Arboretum. The effect that trees have on the temperature in … Read more

Rabobank classifies dairy farming as a vulnerable sector

Rabobank ranks Dutch milk production among the vulnerable sectors and has reserved an additional amount of 76 million euros to absorb setbacks in this sector. The bank has decided this because the government’s nitrogen policy for this sector causes great uncertainty. Finance manager Bas Brouwers says that labeling the loans for livestock farming as ‘vulnerable’ … Read more

What is the policy on Curaçao actually doing against climate change?

August 11, 2022 | Kim Hendriksen & John Samson The consequences of climate change are already being felt on Curaçao. On a political level, little is concretely happening, even though a report has been ready for some years. For example, the island must build differently, produce more sustainable energy and be better prepared for extreme … Read more

FoodObox wants to put an end to food waste in Bulgaria

About madObox Founders: Jane Dimitrova and Velin Kerkov Founded in: 2021 Employees: 12 Money raised:- Ultimate goal: Fight food waste. Tackling food waste is much more difficult than it seems at first glance. Many catering companies throw away food that is not sold on a daily basis. The Bulgarian start-up foodObox wants to do something … Read more