NatureToday | Fireworks cause long-term disturbance to wild birds

Anyone with a pet knows that the combination of loud bangs, bright flashes of light and smoke can cause fear and disorientation in animals. In recent years, a European team of researchers has tracked hundreds of tagged birds during the three weeks around New Year. This now provides the first detailed insight into the response … Read more

Food heroes from the Food100 list 2022 announced

Friday, November 25, 2022 The main heroes under 35 / Photo on: Nina Slagmolen Announcement – The Food Heroes of 2022 was announced today at the Verspillingsfabriek in Veghel. These are 6 of the most effective food adulterants in the Netherlands. They were selected by the professional jury from the Food100 list for 2022 because … Read more

Pommes frites stall crew arrived safely in Genemuiden – Genemuiden News

The Genemuider fries stand is back in Ukraine. Last week, the four volunteers started driving early in the morning. Helmich Lubberts keeps us informed of developments through his reports. Today the last contribution, because the gentlemen have arrived safely at Genemuiden. Home We are home again. After spending 12 exciting days in Poland and Ukraine, … Read more

AI app helps you make healthier food choices

About Clevermeals Founder: Nuno M. Brilha Founded in: 2020 Employees: 5 Money raised: 250,000 euros Ultimate goal: To influence and empower and help people make healthier, more sustainable food choices. Healthy eating is no sinecure. Because not everything you normally buy in the supermarket is equally good for your health. And how do you prepare … Read more

People with autism get a workplace in a vertical farm

Almost half of the 25-year-olds with autism have never had a paid job. Greens Do Good, a vertical hydroponic farm in Hackensack, New Jersey, wants to change that. The students work with packaging and planting on the farm. “We have an easily replicable concept that creates skilled, talented and focused workers for controlled horticulture,” said … Read more

NatureToday | Adventurous birds increase population resilience to climate change

“Character differences between nodes seem to be an important ingredient for the resilience of the whole group,” says Selin Ersoy. “This could make the overall population of knots more resilient to changes in their environment. Knots could copy the foraging behavior of adventurous conspecifics that succeed in new locations.” Ersoy shows for the first time … Read more