Stories about the campfire – NEMO Knowledge Link

The story of man begins around a crackling bonfire. The fire created a safe place to sleep, kept predators away, and one could cook on it. It was our first home and the cradle of the first stories. “As human beings, we were confronted with all sorts of phenomena that we could not explain,” says … Read more

Five years Smart Food Alliance

For five years now, the Smart Food Alliance has been committed to developing sustainable, healthy and equitable food chains through better collaboration and more innovation. This anniversary was celebrated in the presence of Minister Staghouwer of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality (LNV) at the Livar pig farm in Echt, Limburg. Smart Food Alliance is the … Read more

Live blog | Kiev: Ukraine war enters third phase, Finnish government backs NATO membership

It is day 80 of the war in Ukraine. Russia’s war in Ukraine is entering its ‘third phase’, say leaders in Ukraine’s capital Kiev. According to them, the latest phase will be marked by ‘prolonged struggles’. Workers remove debris from buildings destroyed by shelling a month ago in CherkasyANP / AFP / Yasuyoshi CHIBA Kharkiv’s … Read more

India bans grain exports with immediate effect; next chapter in growing food protectionism

India has immediately blocked grain exports. The measure is necessary to protect the food security of its own population. This has been decided by the Indian Directorate-General for Foreign Trade. However, the international market had expected that Indian grain exports could offset the shortage of global supplies caused by the war in Ukraine. “Countries that … Read more

Nature today | Today is World Migratory Bird Day

What are migratory birds? In our country there are many birds that roam, more than one would immediately think. Permanent birds (the opposite of migratory birds) are even less common than migratory birds. The resident birds include e.g. sparrows. Species that you regularly encounter here, such as geese, cuckoos and chiffchaff, migrate to areas far … Read more

Russia bombs schools | Demand for abortion pills increased | NOW

Once a day, gives you an overview of the situation in Ukraine. This time: Russian troops have bombed schools, women’s rights organizations are seeing an increase in demand for abortion pills, and the EU is coming up with another half a billion in heavy weapons. Russian troops bombed schools in Ukraine’s Chernihiv region on … Read more

‘As a technology company visible in schools’

STEENBERGEN – FoodeQ Engineering BV designs and delivers machines equipped with hygienic, efficient and intelligent processing equipment for the top segment of the food industry. One of the machines that FoodeQ started with 13 years ago is a so-called vibration conveyor, which is a very hygienic and maintenance-friendly way of transporting food. Food producers can … Read more