Farmers North Holland: ‘The province does not abide by agreements’

Agriculture in North Holland is still against the increase in the deductible for fauna damage from 5 to 20 percent. ‘The province is unreliable. She does not comply with previous agreements’. At the end of April, 50 protesters took part in the consultation convened by the BIJ12 implementation organization in the De Zoete Inval in … Read more

Farmers are urging citizens to donate feces and pee

Dutch farmers are urging citizens to hand in their feces and urinate on 14 May. “We want circular agriculture, but our system has a big leak: we flush our own faeces and pee down the toilet. This means that valuable nutrients are lost that a farmer needs to grow sustainable food. It is definitely not … Read more

Good for prostate complaints – Medical file

Say pumpkin seeds, and many will answer, ‘Oh yes, they are good for prostate problems, right?’ And rightly so, pumpkin seeds are used regularly in addition to it. You can also enjoy pumpkin seeds for food, such as. the recipe on the next page for super easy to make pumpkin seed toast. But are they … Read more

Groningen works on the agriculture of the future: ‘Opportunities for the horse bean’

Large cereal and maize fields are part of the typical Dutch landscape. But what does 21st century agriculture look like? Which crops do the future belong to? Northern parties are working together in the innovation program Fascinating from Groningen to find an answer. One of the projects focuses on research into vegetable protein crops. “Who … Read more

Inspiration and coherence during the Better Food Festival

Making better food available together. To everyone. It is Albert Heijn’s mission, and the supermarket chain is trying to achieve this mission in different ways. For example, Albert Heijn, together with more than a thousand farmers and growers, is reducing the climate impact and doubling the vegetable assortment in their stores to speed up the … Read more

Sri Lanka’s security forces fire live ammunition at rioters

After a day of unrest, security forces in Sri Lanka were ordered on Tuesday to fire sharp ammunition at looters and rioters. Tens of thousands of police and military personnel were stationed in the capital Colombo. Anti-government protesters formed roadblocks on the way to the airport to prevent politicians from leaving the island state. The … Read more

‘Eye for marginal pressure on farmers due to war in Ukraine’ – News Food Security

Shutterstock News food security Today at 15.30 – Linda van Eekeres The government must be aware of the pressure on margins that arises among farmers as a result of the effects of the war in Ukraine. Industry organizations state this in so-called job papers which they have handed in to the round table discussion held … Read more