Little incentive for sustainable packaging

The Knowledge Institute for Sustainable Packaging (KIDV) has existed for ten years. Reason to look back, but especially to look forward to the future of (food) packaging. At the in-depth meeting on 26 January, various parties, including Unilever, discussed the further sustainability of packaging. “Unsustainable packaging solutions are too cheap.” During the KIDV meeting, Sandra … Read more

Sainsbury’s offers veg boxes for €3.42

UK: AF Blakemore appoints Carol Welch as new CEO AF Blakemore, one of the UK’s largest privately held family businesses, is delighted to announce that Carol Welch will join as CEO in April, succeeding Jerry Marwood, who is leaving to focus more on his non-directive and advisory roles.Source: UK: Sainsbury’s praised for affordable €3.42 … Read more

Ouwehands’ Dutch panda bears

Contributor Royan van Velse visited the panda resort in Chengdu, China a few years ago. Today, you don’t have to travel far to see the cute and furry panda bears in person. Below is the story of a visit to Ouwehands Zoo in Rhenen. 2017 Since 2017, two giant pandas have lived in Ouwehands. This … Read more

More suitable cardboard for food with a more durable coating

We open an average of seven packages a day, including a large portion of food packaging. A big pile of plastic in all. But our tomatoes, apples and biscuits are increasingly packed in cardboard packaging. To boost the transition from plastic to paper, TU/e ​​chemist Sterre Bakker has investigated which coatings could make cardboard more … Read more

The University of Groningen and the farmer will cooperate in the transition

The University of Groningen (RUG), higher vocational education and secondary vocational education institutions will work together with farmers in the agricultural transition. With this, they will increase the share of nature-inclusive agriculture and the share of managers in agriculture. It not only requires an effort from agriculture, but education must also be changed. Several speakers … Read more

US concerns over heavy metals in chocolate – News Commodities

Shutterstock News Raw material Thursday 12.40 p.m – Max van der Heyden The American Consumer Association has called on four major chocolate manufacturers to reduce the amount of cadmium and lead in their dark chocolate before Valentine’s Day. Consumer Reports’ tests have shown that chocolate contains harmful amounts of heavy metals. The letters were sent … Read more

Statement | Do we know what we eat with insects?

Will there soon be insects in your food? The European Commission has recently given permission to Acheta domesticus, or the house cricket, can be processed into several foods. But the average consumer knows little about the use of insects in and as food, and this is cause for concern. Samira I. Ibrahim is a climate … Read more

Where are our garden birds? | Nature point

We receive quite a few messages from garden bird enthusiasts who are in a small form of panic. Where are the birds? In recent weeks, the rain fell from the sky in buckets, and even a patch of snow. And what do we see in our garden? Get birds! Here and there a robin, a … Read more