‘There was a huge generosity’

Fødevarebanken’s distribution center in Rotterdam. The food banks have millions left, but expect significantly more customers.Picture ANP The association of Dutch food banks, to which 172 food banks are affiliated, has been flooded with donations since the corona crisis, according to the recently published annual accounts for 2020. At the turn of the year, the … Read more

PhD candidate Meike helps food banks: ‘I hope that in future food banks will focus less on poverty and more on food waste’

By rearranging the warehouse, or by better predicting the number of customers, a local food bank can distribute even more food packages. Meike Reusken, data analyst and PhD candidate at Tilburg University’s Zero Hunger Lab, uses her research to improve logistics processes in Dutch food banks. A conversation about motivation, volunteering and food waste. Meike … Read more

The food bank Lelystad continues to help in difficult times

Kees van den Haspel: ‘Our customers do not lack anything’. Photo: Photo study Wierd The food banks in the Netherlands are having a hard time. The cost of a household is rising, and the demand for packed lunches from adults, families, but also from families caring for Ukrainians is increasing. Still, Lelystad Fødevarebank keeps its … Read more

Rain of 18 bands in Zaanstad

Eighteen residents of Zaanstad received a royal decoration by Mayor Jan Hamming. Seventeen residents were named members of the Orange-Nassau Order. Police Officer Marcel de Weerd became a Knight of the Order of Orange Nassau The decorated (photos by Bart Homburg): Ko Stanthardt was co-founder and chairman of the tennis association Zaansport. Since 2009, he … Read more

foodwatch launches ‘pink slime’ lawsuit against state

Foodwatchdog foodwatch launches a lawsuit against the Dutch state regarding mechanically separated meat: also known as ‘injection meat’ or ‘pink slime’. This ‘meat’ is the last remnant of muscle fibers and tendons that are removed from the bones using high water pressure. Foodwatch’s in-depth research shows that the state neglects food safety. Because the state … Read more