an evening in the city for customers of the Food Bank – We are the City of Middelburg

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Nature today | Successful reintroduction: how cages helped get the raven back

No bird species appears as often in legends and poems as the raven. But that popularity ended in the eighteenth century, when the black bird was considered harmful to game and livestock. After a successful extermination campaign, there was no longer a raven in Holland a century ago. For the Bird Stories podcast, Marcel Wortel … Read more

Opinion | A pension fund must also look after the future of the planet

Climate change, deforestation, loss of biodiversity, food and energy security, vulnerable populations in perpetual poverty – it’s hard to remain optimistic about the lives of future generations. Still, it is worth remembering that it is precisely the economic and political systems that are at the root of many of these problems that may also be … Read more

‘There was a huge generosity’

Fødevarebanken’s distribution center in Rotterdam. The food banks have millions left, but expect significantly more customers.Picture ANP The association of Dutch food banks, to which 172 food banks are affiliated, has been flooded with donations since the corona crisis, according to the recently published annual accounts for 2020. At the turn of the year, the … Read more