The Turkish aircraft carrier Anadolu becomes a drone ship; what is the impact and more countries are following suit?

With the forthcoming commissioning and the growing Turkish drone market, a clear picture is beginning to emerge of how the new Turkish ‘aircraft carrier’ TCG Anadolu represents an added value for the Turkish fleet and what roles the ship can play in the near future. Based partly on the efficiency of Bayraktar’s unmanned aerial vehicles … Read more

Reflection on historical events in Nootdorp

May 9, 8:05 p.m. Currently read 320 times The association Noitdorpsche Historie has set a new walk. As part of the annual celebration of World War II, this walk allows you to reflect on a number of historical events from that time. Bert Huijgen laid out and composed this hike. The length is about 9 … Read more

PMDG releases 737 for MSFS, starting with 737-700

The PMDG 737 series was launched for Microsoft Flight Simulator, starting with the 737-700. The Boeing 737 is one of the most popular aircraft in the sky today and is known worldwide as a workforce. Airlines use the planes to fly short and medium-haul routes around the world, and now PMDG has brought the popular … Read more

110 flights canceled, also extra busy Sunday

Picture ANP The strike came at the airport’s busiest time in years. On Saturday, 195,000 passengers traveled via Schiphol. This has already led to long queues due to staff shortages. The number of flights was also limited due to maintenance on two runways. The strike caused the airport to come to a complete standstill on … Read more

Travel industry: expect longer queues in the summer

The travel sector fears that the peak load at Schiphol last weekend was just a foretaste of what the Dutch holidaymaker can expect this summer. Tour operators expect even larger crowds for the summer holidays, but say they can mean little as long as Schiphol does not have the situation with its staff in order. … Read more

DHL express orders Eviation’s first all-electric cargo ship • AT-Aandrijftechniek

DHL has ordered 12 all-electric Alice eCargo aircraft from Eviation. DHL Express and Eviation, the Seattle-based global manufacturer of all-electric aircraft, write aviation history. They have announced that DHL is the first to order 12 all-electric Alice eCargo aircraft from Eviation. With this commitment, DHL aims to establish an unparalleled electric Express network and take … Read more