Researcher Computer Vision | TNO

Are you fascinated by artificial intelligence that can recognize behaviors and objects with camera systems? And do you want to contribute to the development of cutting-edge applications in computer vision for a safer world? We are looking for you! What do you want to do? As a computer vision researcher in the research group Intelligent … Read more

Why the Russian military underperforms despite a 10-year modernization that has cost hundreds of billions

More than ten years ago, the Kremlin announced a complete overhaul of the Russian military. A slimmer, more flexible, professional force would be built. But now, almost three months after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, it is clear that the Kremlin has failed miserably to create an effective fighting machine. Despite investments of several hundred … Read more

Minor inconveniences from the airport can be achieved through participation

15-05-2022 live Editorial Yesterday, the residents of the airport had a picnic, also to express their dissatisfaction with the nuisances of air traffic SCHIEDAM – The Interim Participation Package (VPP), in which the common ideas are determined by twelve parties participating in discussions about the future of Rotterdam Airport, has a number of concrete provisions … Read more

Defense expert Colijn draws these lessons from the struggle for eastern Ukraine | NOW

Defense expert Ko Colijn has been providing the Dutch with information on armed conflict for over forty years. For he follows the match in Ukraine and answers our (and your) questions. This time the question is: What lesson has Colijn drawn so far from the battle for the Donets Basin? Some experts say Russia … Read more