Prepare yourself now, no crashes later

The enormous computing power of the quantum computer will have a broad and disruptive impact on our economy. And also major consequences for the current encryption and secure business processes, according to Marco Doeland and Oscar Covers, cybersecurity experts at the Dutch Banking Association (NVB). The Dutch banking sector is well prepared for this ‘new … Read more

The role of Spain and Franco during World War II

MADRID – What was Spain’s role during World War II? Was the country on Germany’s side or not? Was Francisco Franco a “friend” or enemy of Adolf Hitler, or was there no relationship? Spain did not take an active part in World War II and more or less kept its distance by taking a neutral … Read more

The halls are open again, the QR codes have been abolished, but where is the public?

A sold-out hall and a standing ovation at Parkstad Limburg Theaters in Heerlen.Picture Parkstad Limburg Theaters A few weeks ago, a simple addition aroused festive expectations in Dutch theaters and concert halls. Liberation from the corona measures plus a culturally hungry audience means full house. Things went differently. Just before the abolition of QR codes … Read more

King’s Day will be Ukrainian yellow-blue in Hilversum-Nord: “Will show our culture”

While the whole of Holland is turning orange, yellow-blue dominates today at the Apostolic Society’s square in Hilversum. A group of Ukrainian refugees introduces Hilversummers to their culture and customs and also want to express their great gratitude with this friendship market. Yellow-blue meets orange: Ukrainians celebrate King’s Day – NH Nieuws Behind the large … Read more

‘There was a huge generosity’

Fødevarebanken’s distribution center in Rotterdam. The food banks have millions left, but expect significantly more customers.Picture ANP The association of Dutch food banks, to which 172 food banks are affiliated, has been flooded with donations since the corona crisis, according to the recently published annual accounts for 2020. At the turn of the year, the … Read more

Microsoft Azure Quantum can build scalable topological qubits

Microsoft’s Azure Quantum Program has developed applications that can create quantum properties that scientists have imagined for almost a century, but which until now could not be unambiguously produced in the real world. It’s a scientific breakthrough that demonstrates the intangible building blocks of a topological quantum bit or qubit that Microsoft has long followed … Read more