How a Bollywood blockbuster triggered tourism in Iceland

Congratulations! How was the defense of your dissertation? “Thank you! Well, I was hoping we would have a covid-free ceremony where all committee members would attend in person. Unfortunately, three were tested positive, one after the other. Then the same thing happened to three photographers. The latter reported “I was sick just when my car … Read more

Inspiration and coherence during the Better Food Festival

Making better food available together. To everyone. It is Albert Heijn’s mission, and the supermarket chain is trying to achieve this mission in different ways. For example, Albert Heijn, together with more than a thousand farmers and growers, is reducing the climate impact and doubling the vegetable assortment in their stores to speed up the … Read more

OnLogic unveils CL250 Ultra-Small Industrial Edge Computer

OnLogic ( manufacturer and specialist in industrial computers and known for their reliable Orange PCs, reveals the CL250 ultra-small fanless edge computer. The system is designed for use in industrial IoT and edge computing applications in challenging environments. The CL250 is the latest addition to OnLogic’s popular CL200 series. The CL250 is very suitable as … Read more

Putin must and will have the Azovstal factory

“Seal it so no more flies can escape,” Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered this week. He referred to the factory complex in Azovstal, until recently one of the largest steel producers in Europe. Ukrainian soldiers have entrenched themselves in the rooms below the complex. It’s very similar to a kamikaze action. Defense editor Eric Vrijsen … Read more

Foodwatch and the Dutch state in court on June 9

Food watchdog foodwatch has recently announced that it will launch a lawsuit against the Dutch state regarding machine-separated meat. Foodwatch has summoned the state in a preliminary lawsuit. The trial will be heard at an oral hearing that will take place on June 9, 2022 at. 11:00 at the Palace of Justice in The Hague. … Read more

Recognized equality and diversity are principles of intercultural education

Opinion | by Edwin Hoffman February 8, 2022 † Edwin Hoffman responds to a ScienceGuide article on fear of speaking among students of a collectivist culture. “Such an approach to cultural differences is cultural and misleading because it generalizes and stereotypes,” he writes. He then explains how inclusive intercultural education can be designed towards recognized … Read more