Nature today | Ecological research in the rare saddle grasshopper

Decline in populations Saddle grasshopper (Ephippiger diurnus) occurs in the Netherlands exclusively in nature reserves on the Veluwe and only a few stocks outside it. Despite the protected status of the areas on the Veluwe, there is still a downward trend in the size of these stocks. Some of the potential bottlenecks include food availability … Read more

Ready for more positivity in your life? Break through the negativity with these tips

(Image: Warner Bros. Pictures) In our current society, where we are confronted with shocking news once in a while, it is not easy to stay positive. Yet life itself is neither positive nor negative: that assessment depends entirely on your own mindset. Mindfulness expert Marisa Garau offers some helpful tips for consciously choosing positivity without … Read more

The needs perspective of the cultural sector; the economic loop and mental strokes benefit from the art | Opinion

OPINIONEINDHOVEN – Under very difficult circumstances, the cultural sector proved to be vital and robust. But the stretch is now pretty much over. Creativity requires maintenance. Artists also need perspective. They usually manage to appeal to the imagination. They guide us through uncertain times, give our lives meaning and color, and see unimaginable possibilities and … Read more

Professional Reminder – The Green Amsterdammer

Group of young Surinamese women, Eugen Klein, approx. 1900. Light print on cardboard, 90 x135 mm Eugen Klein / Rijksmuseum collection The anyisa headgear which Surinamese women traditionally wear was much more than a colorful square piece of fabric folded over their heads. You can send a message with it. The folding way indicated the … Read more

How to protect your business from malware

At the end of 2021, security experts sounded the alarm: The criminal bot network Emotet is active again. Emotet distributes aggressive malware via email. Criminals use this to break into millions of computers around the world, for example to steal bank details or to take networks hostage. How does malware work? And what can you … Read more

Are you being serviced by a robot?

“They’re like walkways.” That description best matches the people who put the sushi dishes on the table in front of me and my partner at a deadly pace. A few minutes before that we ordered the miso soup and the rice rolls via a tablet. There is almost no interaction between us and the staff. … Read more

‘A child does not have to like everything’. Dining teams help with eating problems

Just before the corona pandemic, the food team started in Hoogeveen. A group of caregivers who help parents, children and young people with food problems. The core team consists of dietitian Geralda Perdon from nutrition counseling Diadem, cognitive behavioral therapist Ina Kuiken from Accare and speech therapist Paula Oosterhuis from speech therapy practice Klinq. Once … Read more